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A new generation of high-performance basic public chain.

A new generation of high-performance basic public chain, including complete distributed ledger, smart contract system support. At the same time, the Ontology architecture supports the public chain network system. In addition to providing basic public chain services, the Ontology blockchain framework supports the customization of public chains for different applications, and supports chain network collaboration through different protocol groups. On the base layer, Ontology will continue to provide general-purpose modules in various distributed applications, such as distributed identity frameworks, distributed data exchange protocols, etc. to support distributed trust collaboration components, and will continue to expand new general-purpose modules according to application requirements. module.

Apple Announces New "Buy Now, Pay Later" Feature Through Applepay: Jinse Finance reports that technology giant Apple (Apple) has joined the "Buy Now, Pay Later" (BNPL) fray with a new Applepay feature. The feature, dubbed "ApplePayLater," will emulate similar services, with zero interest or fees, and payments made in four equal installments. These payments can be sent to merchants that accept ApplePay. As previously reported, a growing number of fintech companies have taken market share in the BNPL service segment, fueled by interest from venture capitalists. Some of these companies are also exploring offering cryptocurrency services to cater to younger clients. However, recent reports have shown that some consumers are having difficulty making payments after opting for BNPL. (theblockcrypto)[2022/6/7 4:07:15]

Ontology is one of the most promising public chains in China. It uses a faster consensus mechanism at the technical level and supports cross-chain communication, identity verification, and data transactions.

The average increase of the NFT concept sector today is 3.35%: According to Jinse Finance, the average increase of the NFT concept sector is 3.35% today. Among the 26 currencies, 14 rose and 12 fell, among which the leading currencies were: WAX (+81.18%), RFOX (+7.23%), and RARI (+6.69%). The leading currencies are: NFTX (-9.66%), DEP (-4.13%), CHZ (-4.02%). [2021/8/23 22:31:02]

Investors include Sequoia China, Matrix Partners China, Danhua Capital, Hashed, Jiuding, etc.

Dynamic | Percentage of Segwit Spend Payments Hit All-Time High: As reported by ambcrypto, data shows that the percentage of Segwit spend payments recently reached 48.72%, an all-time high. Transactions that spend one or more SegWit outputs are considered SegWit transactions. By aggregating the payments from SegWit transactions for each day and comparing them to the total amount paid each day, it is possible to derive the percentage of SegWit spend payments. [2019/3/29]


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