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An easy-to-use cryptocurrency for payments, international remittances, and more.

An easy-to-use encrypted digital currency BELA for payments, international remittances, and more. Pay for certain goods and services with Bella, make international payments, and easily process in-app payments.

MouseBelt accuses Coinbase CEO of sabotaging Knowledger to benefit his new project: According to news on December 21, blockchain accelerator MouseBelt sued Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, accusing him of sabotaging Knowledger to launch his own project ResearchHub.

Knowledgeger is a blockchain platform focused on distributing scientific papers that aim to use tradable tokens as a form of incentive.

According to the lawsuit, Armstrong was secretly working on a similar project, ResearchHub, and considering Knowledger's advances in development, Armstrong chose the easy path and decided to take over Knowledger's resources to advance his project, saving time and I+D costs, rather than Acquiring the company as a normal business move.

The lawsuit alleges that Joyce delayed the achievement of his goals, hid the actual status of his relationship with Armstrong, shut down Knowledger's website, opened up critical and closed information, and refused to release the Knowledgr testnet. In the end, Joyce cooperated with ResearchHub, and MouseBelt sued Armstrong for fraud, intentional interference with contractual relationship, and intentional interference with expected economic benefits. (Crypto Potato) [2021/12/21 7:53:17]

Voice | Encryption company Babel Finance CEO: Buyers of "virgin bitcoins" need to pay up to 20% additional fees: According to Cryptonews, Flex Yan, CEO of Hong Kong-based encrypted financial services company Babel Finance, claimed that buying the so-called Buyers of "virgin bitcoins" will pay an additional fee of up to 20% for bitcoins that have no transaction history. Demand for virgin bitcoins is growing, he said, because it "does not have any transaction history, so there is essentially no risk of being seized or frozen for engaging in suspicious historical transactions." According to Yan, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) ) recently issued guidelines, which on the one hand forced the government to increase oversight of crypto businesses, and on the other hand helped increase demand for virgin Bitcoin. Note: "Virgin Bitcoin" refers to Bitcoin without any transaction records. The lack of a clear history of attribution for this type of bitcoin also makes it useful to money launderers and criminals engaged in other illicit activities. Not only that, but since "virgin bitcoins" cannot be connected to any wallets and hardware devices, even the recipient has no effective way to verify the source of the funds. [2019/8/17]

News | The capital of Northern Ireland will launch its exclusive cryptocurrency Belfast Coin: According to Verdict, the City Council of Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, has cooperated with Colu, a British-Israeli joint venture technology company, and plans to launch the city’s exclusive cryptocurrency Belfast Coin this year. The currency will participate in building a reward platform for local residents. Residents collect Belfast Coins and can spend them in local shops, cafes and restaurants. Belfast Coin is part of Belfast's participation in the Rockefeller Foundation's "100 Most Resilient Cities of the Century Challenge". Note: The Rockefeller Foundation has launched the "Century Challenge of the 100 Most Resilient Cities" since 2013, and Deyang City in Sichuan Province and Huangshi City in Hubei Province were selected. [2019/5/8]


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