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Matt Haltom

Matt Haltom

Matt Haltom

BlockNative Lead UI/UX Designer.
Matt Haltom

Matt Haltom is the lead UI/UX designer at BlockNative, with ten years of design experience, he is also an experienced front-end programmer, user experience designer, and he is passionate about improving interactions on the web. Additionally, he runs a spa in Colorado.

Coinbase will list DYP, ALEPH, HOPR, MATH, PRQ and ELA: News on June 22, official news, Coinbase will list DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP), (ALEPH), HOPR (HOPR), Math (MATH) , PARSIQ (PRQ) and Elastos (ELA). Trading will begin on or after 9:00 a.m. PT on June 22, 2022, provided liquidity conditions are met. [2022/6/22 4:43:36]

Prysmatic Labs will take measures to reduce the absolute advantage of Prysm: Jinse Finance reported that the Ethereum 2.0 client Prysmatic Labs issued a statement on client diversity. According to Prysmatic Labs, Prysm runs the vast majority of pledged ETH and a large number of nodes in the network, and the Ethereum equity proof requires the participation of the vast majority (more than 2/3) of the network consensus participants. If there is a consensus failure in the Prysm software, other client implementations will think that less than 2/3 of the verification nodes are participating, leading to collective penalties and serious consequences for the blockchain. Prysmatic Labs stated that for the sake of Ethereum, reasonable measures should be taken to reduce Prysm's absolute advantage. Prysmatic Labs decided to take the following measures to improve client diversity: 1. Standardize validator API; 2. Fully support standard Ethereum beacon API; 3. Add support for standard remote signers (such as Web3Signer); 4. Continue to develop appropriate standards. Additionally, Prysmatic Labs expressed opposition to any move to enforce client diversity at the protocol layer, to any move to force client diversity on users, and to delaying "merging" as a way to enforce client diversity. [2021/9/30 17:16:15]

Voice | Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist of MATRIX: The combination of blockchain and AI will create a higher level of intelligence: Recently, at the Satoshi Nakamoto team meeting, the host had a conversation with Mr. Deng Yangdong, Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist of MATRIXAI, and asked him to introduce Bitcoin and artificial intelligence Mr. Deng said that the combination of blockchain and AI will create a higher level of intelligence.

Deng Yangdong said: "There is an inherent connection between the two concepts of Bitcoin and artificial intelligence. The biggest role of Bitcoin is data credibility. The above data can be trusted and can be traded. Bitcoin provides AI with a very good Data Sources.

The cooperation mechanism based on consensus enables everyone to have sufficient motivation to share resources and then use them for more calculations. In this way, Bitcoin provides AI with a shared resource computing platform.

On the other hand, AI is also helpful to the blockchain. The blockchain needs parameter optimization. At present, the parameters that the blockchain needs to process are complex and the number is huge. AI plays a great role in optimizing parameters. "[2018/7/4]

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Matt Haltom
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