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Dmitriy Berenzon

Dmitriy Berenzon

Dmitriy Berenzon

Partner at Zenith Ventures Research Analytics.
Dmitriy Berenzon

Dmitriy Berenzon is a partner in charge of data research at Zenith Ventures. Previously, he worked with CoinFund on investment due diligence and research, co-founded a cryptoasset portfolio management platform, and led business development and operations. Earlier, he was Assistant Vice President of Deutsche Bank Labs, working with start-ups, investors, and academies to discover, evaluate and adopt innovative technologies; Assistant to the business development team. He has an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley-Haas School of Business.

LendMi FIL single-currency locked-up volume exceeded 10 million US dollars: According to the official data of, the LendMi FIL single-currency locked-up volume of the Filecoin-oriented lending platform exceeded 10 million US dollars.

It is understood that LendMi collects FIL in a decentralized manner to obtain higher currency-based returns for investors. LendMi ensures the stability of output by lending FIL to large nodes (large mining pools) for mining, and distributes the output rewards to investors according to fixed income. [2021/4/15 20:20:35]

News | Monero miners use RADMIN and MIMKATZ to spread malware: According to scmagazine, Monero miners are using tools such as RADMIN and MIMKATZ to spread malware against specific systems in industries in mainland China, Taiwan, Italy, and Hong Kong. [2019/2/21]

Softbank and CloudMinds jointly develop a blockchain authentication solution: According to Businesswire, Softbank Group and CloudMinds, a cloud intelligent robot operator, recently announced the joint development of a blockchain-based authentication solution. The two companies have developed a new solution by combining CloudMinds' blockchain-based identity verification with SoftBank's identity verification platform. [2018/5/30]

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Dmitriy Berenzon
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