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Rainey Reitman

Rainey Reitman

Rainey Reitman

Chief Program Officer, Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Rainey Reitman

Rainey Reitman is Chief Program Planning Officer at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, focusing on organizational development, leadership development, internal systems building, and ensuring impactful strategies are developed and implemented across all EFF program teams. She is also a board member and co-founder of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, which defends and supports unique, independent, nonprofit news organizations and more. Prior to joining EFF, she served as Director of Communications for Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit advocacy and education organization dedicated to advancing consumer privacy.

Beosin: The black address FTX Accounts Drainer has carried out operations such as exchange and transfer of large amounts of assets across the chain: Jinse Finance reported that according to the monitoring of the Beosin EagleEye security risk monitoring, early warning and blocking platform of the blockchain security audit company Beosin, by 2022 On November 15, the black address FTX Accounts Drainer (0x59AB...32b) has carried out operations such as exchange and transfer of large assets across chains.

Most of the funds are currently located on the ETH platform of the account FTX Accounts Drainer, about 228,523 ETH ($288,934,108) and 8,184 PAXG ($14,395,174). About 108,454 BNB ($29,962,644) and 1,685,309 DAI ($1,686,562) on the BSC platform.

The rest of the funds are located on the FTX Accounts Drainer 2 account on ETH, about 1999.4 PAXG ($3,516,404), about 499 PAXG ($878,114) on the FTX Accounts Drainer 3 account, about 499 PAXG ($878,114) on the FTX Accounts Drainer 4 account, Assets on other chains have not changed yet, and Beosin Trace will continue to monitor black address changes. [2022/11/16 13:09:37]

Craig Wright says someone can prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto: Golden Finance reports that Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin (BTC), recently said that people can prove that he is indeed the mysterious figure.

In a recent interview with an Australian TV show, when asked if he was indeed the pseudonymous author of the Bitcoin white paper, Wright insisted that someone knew him and could confirm that he was indeed Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright did not disclose who or where these people who could identify him were, but in his words, being the founder of Bitcoin "actually made life harder, and his motivation was not money or fame. [2022/ 8/9 12:12:47]

News | The U.S. Copyright Office will not "recognize" Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto: According to coindesk, the U.S. Copyright Office said on Tuesday that it will not "recognize" Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto. "As a general rule, when the Copyright Office receives an application for registration, the applicant certifies the truth of the statements made in the submission. The Copyright Office does not investigate the truth of any statement. If the work registered under a pseudonym, the Copyright Office will not investigate whether there is a provable link between the complainant and the pseudonymous author.” [2019/5/23]

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Rainey Reitman
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