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Lukas Schor

Lukas Schor

Lukas SchorEthereum

Gnosis Product Management.
Lukas Schor

Lukas Schor is responsible for Gnosis Product Management and is passionate about emerging technologies and their impact on society. He enjoys working with software development engineers to create innovative products.

Lukka completed $53 million in Series D financing, Soros Fund participated in the investment: On March 25th, the fund founded by billionaire investor George Soros invested $53 million to participate in encrypted data provider Lukka D round of financing. Lukka is valued at around $200 million, according to the firm, which participated in the round along with S&P Global and (The Block)[2021/3/25 19:18:04]

Encryption Software Firm Lukka Partners with IHS Markit to Provide Encrypted Data Products to Wall Street: Encryption software and tax services company Lukka has partnered with global information provider IHS Markit to offer its data products to Wall Street in a bid to attract institutional investors and large financial services firms to digital asset market. Lukka said on Wednesday the tie-up would allow it to redistribute its data through Nasdaq-listed IHS Markit. (The Block) [2020/11/18 21:15:36]

Voice | Trader and analyst Luke Martin: XRP should rise another 30%: Trader and analyst Luke Martin tweeted that XRP should rise another 30%. All other major altcoins have reached bottlenecks and most have already broken out. [2020/2/12]

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Lukas Schor
TikTok, the overseas version of Douyin, is becoming a platform for young people to learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Forbes published an article on Friday that TikTok, the overseas version of the short video sharing app Douyin.