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Henry Brade

Henry Brade

Henry BradeBitcoin

Prasos Executive Vice President.
Henry Brade

Henry Brade is Prasos Executive Vice President, Bitcoin Enthusiast, Keynote Speaker on Crypto & Blockchain. He has more than 8 years of experience in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and more than 7 years of entrepreneurial experience. He believes that cryptocurrencies are truly disruptive.

ChainUP Market VP Jade Chen: Filecoin mining entrants will face a real test after the mainnet goes live: live report, August 3rd, hosted by, CapitalN node consulting contractor, golden computing power Co-hosted by Cloud, Gold Sponsored by Shenzhen Xianhe System Technology Co., Ltd., Silver Sponsored by Anti-Entropy Technology, and Golden Finance as the co-sponsored media, the Interstellar Hitchhiker's Guide · Chasing the Central Plains · IPFS Technology and Application Research Forum was held in Zhengzhou.

In the roundtable session with the theme "What is the difference between Filecoin and commercialization", Jade Chen, the VP of the ChainUP market on the chain, said that after the mainnet of Filecoin is launched, it may face a situation of chicken feathers everywhere, but whether a phoenix can fly out of the chicken feathers, time will tell Tell us the answer.

She also pointed out that it is more about new infrastructure behind IPFS. This year, the policy level has given great support in terms of new infrastructure, but there is still a certain distance from the commercial implementation of IPFS. [2020/8/3]

Tiff Macklem Named Bank of Canada Governor Will Replace Bitcoin Skeptic Stephen Poloz: Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau Appoints Tiff Macklem As New Bank Of Canada Governor. Macklem will succeed Bitcoin skeptic Stephen Poloz on June 2.

As the tenth largest economy in the world and a member of the G7, Canada plays a huge role in international finance. Therefore, the appointment of a new governor should raise the eyebrows of cryptocurrency traders and economists as it could change their stance on digital currencies.

Poloz made headlines in January 2018 when he called bitcoin transactions gambling and called blockchain a genius innovation. In his 2019 year-end speech at the Canadian Empire Club, Poloz laid out a cash-centric vision for 2020, although the bank will examine the uses of CBDCs.

In February, Deputy Governor Timothy Lane stated: "We are all familiar with the explosion of cryptocurrencies over the past few years. Bitcoin and similar digital assets were introduced with the hope of being the money of the future. That hasn't happened and it's not likely Happening. Cryptocurrency transactions such as Bitcoin are too expensive and purchasing power is too unstable." In contrast, stable coins such as Libra have better prospects for widespread application. Eventually government printed cash is still widely used. The central bank concludes that there is currently no compelling reason to issue a CBDC. He admits that the world is changing very fast. The popularity of any private digital currency or the inability of cash to be widely used could prompt central banks to reconsider issuing CBDCs. (Decrypt)[2020/5/2]

News | Designer Mael Henaff uses tidal energy to mine cryptocurrency: According to Designboom, a designer named Mael Henaff is working with a small community in the town of jaywick, England, through a project called "sea money maker (sea money maker)" designed for cryptocurrency mining. It is reported that this device can float on the water on the coast of Jaywick and use tidal energy to mine cryptocurrency. Each device can bring about 0.9 pounds of income to the community every day, helping to reduce the economic burden of unemployment. [2019/8/13]

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Henry Brade
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