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Ethereum Buenos Aires.

EthereumBA, Ethereum Buenos Aires Ethereum Buenos Aires, is a forum for developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to understand and develop Ethereum. At the same time, solidify the Latin American region as a thriving hub for Ethereum blockchain innovation.

Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum documentary film “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” over-raised 1035.96 ETH within 3 days: According to news on July 19, Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum documentary “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” raised 1035.96 ETH in 3 days ETH (approximately $1.97 million), the documentary’s fundraising goal is 750 ETH. 95% of the funds raised will be used for film production budget, about 984.16 ETH; 2% will be donated to Carbonfund for carbon offset, about 20.72 ETH; 3% will be donated to GitcoinGrants to support the open source Ethereum project, about 31.08 ETH. According to the documentary's projected timeline, the film will launch in winter 2023. [2021/7/19 1:02:38]

Rari Capital released a compensation plan after the theft of 2,600 ETH: According to official sources, DeFi smart investment agreement Rari Capital (RGT) released an analysis report and compensation plan after being attacked, saying that hackers stole a total of about 2,600 ETH, or about $10 million, accounted for 60% of the fund pool. Rari Capital stated that the DAO currently only holds 1% of the RGT supply, which is not enough to bail out platform users. In the proposal RIP-1 passed 5 months ago, 2 million RGTs were reserved to expand the team size. At present, all protocol contributors choose to return these tokens to DAO to compensate users affected by the attack. and future contributors to the protocol. Next, the user can propose a compensation plan to the DAO. In addition, Rari Capital will check the security of the integrated protocol in the future, conduct more audits, take measures to prevent deposits and withdrawals in the same block, and provide failsafe. [2021/5/10 21:42:49]

Market 丨 ETH rose by more than 3.00% within 1 hour: According to data from Huobi Global, ETH/USDT fluctuated violently within 1 hour, rising by more than 3.00%, reaching 3.07%. The current quotation is $147.90, and the market fluctuates greatly, please pay attention to risk control. [2020/1/12]


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