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Daniel Que

Daniel Que

Daniel QueCoinbase

Coinbase software development engineer.
Daniel Que

Daniel Que is a software development engineer at Coinbase. Previously, he co-founded CryptoFin and worked on development at Uber.

Cardano Foundation and University of Zurich Blockchain Center reached a cooperation: On April 5, the non-profit organization Cardano Foundation announced a three-year cooperation with the University of Zurich Blockchain Center (UZH BCC) to further research and explore blockchain educational development.

Through the collaboration, the foundation will work with the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (BDLT) group at the University of Zurich to explore research topics such as the effectiveness of consensus protocols and analyze attack vectors specific to Ouroboros, among other things. (Cointelegraph)[2022/4/5 14:05:42]

Litecoin and Cardano explore the "Velvet fork" cooperation method: Litecoin (LTC) and Cardano (ADA) are exploring the "Velvet fork" cooperation method. The collaboration will unlock new features such as cross-chain communication, smart contract functionality and improved scalability. David Schwartz, project director of the Litecoin Foundation, said that the Velvet fork is a protocol upgrade mechanism for the implementation of encrypted currency code, which is neither a hard fork nor a soft fork, because a majority consensus is not required. Whether they choose to upgrade or not, miners will be able to continue serving on the Litecoin network. (The Daily Hodl)[2020/10/20]

IOHK Product Manager: Goguen Will Help Cardano Create New Value: IOHK Product Manager Nebojsa Vojvodic stated in a recent YouTube video that the launch of Goguen will help Cardano create new value while driving Cardano adoption. It is reported that the Goguen upgrade will allow users to create and execute smart contracts on the Cardano network. (News Logical) [2020/7/9]

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Daniel Que
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