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Sina Meier

Sina Meier

Sina MeierAdvertising Marketing

Director of 21SHARES.
Sina Meier

Sina Meier is the director of 21SHARES, the world's first digital asset ETP issuer. She has more than 25 years of experience in cooperating with international clients in the financial field. She has strong sales capabilities, strong customer service awareness, organizational and communication skills.

Blockchain security company Beosin announced the completion of nearly US$20 million in Series A strategic financing: Jinse Finance reported that blockchain core security service provider Beosin announced the completion of nearly US$20 million in strategic financing. The investor is a well-known industry party, and many old shareholders followed suit. Beosin is a world-leading blockchain security company. Its core business includes smart contract security audit, blockchain project security risk monitoring, early warning and blocking, stolen virtual asset recovery, KYT/AML and other "one-stop" Security products + service solutions, currently serving more than 2,000 blockchain companies around the world, protecting customer assets of more than 500 billion US dollars. The new funds will be used for blockchain security technology research and development, ecological construction and global market layout. [2022/11/3 12:12:23]

Sintra Completes $2 Million Seed Round Financing Lemniscap Led Investment: Jinse Finance reported that social NFT application Sintra has completed a $2 million seed round financing, led by Lemniscap, FTX Ventures, Chorus One Ventures, CMCC Global, Big Brain Holdings, Two Ape VC and angel investors Shanna Tellerman, Felix Lutsch and Anthony Beaumont participated. The funding will be used to accelerate product testing and development of new in-app features, as well as fuel a comprehensive hiring and marketing effort. (prnewswire) [2022/9/21 7:11:55]

SingularityNET Partners with IOHK to Scale AI Services: Blockchain artificial intelligence (AI) platform SingularityNET has announced a new partnership with Cardano development company IOHK to scale AI services. The new partnership will revolve around the engineering of the Cardano blockchain and the development of AI services. SingularityNET plans to transition the decentralized protocol from Ethereum to Cardano. (Cryptoglobe) [2020/10/5]

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Sina Meier
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