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Denham Preen

Denham Preen

Denham Preen

Co-founder of Wildcards.
Denham Preen

Denham Preen is the co-founder of Wildcards, a JavaScript software development engineer (React, Node), focusing on blockchain and computer science, with a focus on entrepreneurial projects with social impact. He has hosted online marketing, SEO seminars; managed the internship program at HouseME; consulted for large companies such as Capitec; helped venture capital with project technical due diligence.

Polygon’s STARK-based Polygon Miden released Miden VM v0.2: On August 23, Polygon’s STARK-based Ethereum-compatible solution Polygon Miden released Miden VM v0.2. This version of Miden VM is Turing-complete and comes with There is read-write random access memory, and support for regular 32-bit unsigned integer operations has been added.

Note: Miden VM is a fully open-source STARK-based virtual machine whose role is to verify program execution and provide enhanced due diligence for DApp deployment. [2022/8/23 12:42:27]

The latest progress of Kusama’s first batch of parachains: Khala and Shiden have completed the reward distribution, and will open the transfer function one after another: August 12 news, as of now, it has been 3 weeks since the first round of Kusama slot auction ended, and the first batch of slots obtained Five parachain projects Karura, Moonriver, Shiden, Khala and Bifrost have successively launched their mainnets. Moonriver is currently removing the sudo module to make it a fully decentralized network, and it is expected to enable transfer and EVM functions through governance in September. Shiden has just completed the distribution of crowdloan rewards. In the future, it will gradually switch from PoA network to decentralized PoS network. It is expected that the transfer function will be enabled through governance at the end of August. It is expected that ink! and EVM contract functions and DApp will be launched successively from late August to early September. Staking function. Khala has completed the distribution of rewards and is entering the stage of on-chain governance. It is expected to complete the TEE test before the end of August, complete the TEE mining launch in September, complete the third phase of account transfer and democratic governance before the end of September, and start the fourth phase in October And online privacy function. [2021/8/12 1:50:54]

Hayden Adams: If you want to build DeFi, you need to make it truly decentralized: Hayden Adams, a developer funded by the Ethereum Foundation, tweeted: If you want to build something called DeFi, first, you can instill the shortcomings of traditional finance stuff, but you should also do your best to learn from traditional finance. To make it truly decentralized, permissionless, trustless, etc. are huge competitive advantages. [2020/8/6]

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Denham Preen
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