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The automated global smart contract comes from the hard fork of Ethereum.

Ubiq's automated global smart contracts are designed to facilitate the creation, deployment and management of decentralized applications and automated networks through self-executing smart contracts that facilitate interactions between parties.

Ubiq blockchain solutions, which allow developers to participate in the creation, provide thousands of solutions for third-party intermediaries to perform tasks.

EGLD has risen for 5 consecutive days on Jubi, with a cumulative increase of 185.7%: According to official news, EGLD has risen for 5 consecutive days since it was launched on Jubi, with a cumulative increase of 185.7%. The opening price was 78.053USDT, the current price is 211.324UDST, and the highest price is 212.391USDT.

Elrond is a high-throughput public chain that focuses on providing security, efficiency, scalability and interactivity through adaptive sharding technology and a new security proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. [2021/2/9 19:19:34]

Ubiq was created from the port of the Ethereum blockchain on the existing blockchain and a hard fork independent blockchain. It was established on September 2, 2014 as early as Jumbucks. After two years of research and development, the team will Jumbucks The blockchain is ported to Ethereum, where there will be more room to create viable real-world solutions. The new blockchain is named Ubiq.

Jubi will list AGS/USDT at 15:00 on November 17, 2020: Jubi will open AGS/USDT trading at 15:00 on November 17, 2020 (UTC+8). Top-up is now enabled. Jubi is holding a triple reward event of AGS recharge, transaction, and lottery. For specific rules, please refer to Jubi's official website.

Aegis DeFi is committed to providing small mortgage loans or even unsecured loans based on user credit status in addition to conventional mortgage lending products in the current DeFi market. Aegis will use Aegis's original scoring algorithm that combines blockchain and AI technology to score each user's credit based on the credit data provided by the user. The Aegis score can determine the amount of credit each user can obtain from the liquidity pool. Aegis has truly brought DeFi services to all users. In addition to the lending business, Aegis also supports assets and derivatives, such as the issuance and trading of CDS and synthetic assets. [2020/11/17 21:02:59]

Ubiq CEO Alex Sterk has said that the Ubiq network provides a stable blockchain to host the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The Ubiq team works on a non-profit basis and members have previously worked on many noteworthy cryptocurrency projects. They are Julian Yap, Alex Williams, Chris Hansen, Aldo Borrero and Alex Sterk. Julian Yap worked at Bittrex, Alex Williams created the famous blockchain explorer Iquidus, and Alex Sterk hosts the Blocktalk show and is also a well-known figure in the crypto community.

VOICE | Nouriel Roubini: "Techno-elite" is dictatorship: Nouriel Roubini has publicly stated on social media that the so-called "techno-elite" is dictatorship — that the police, prosecutors and referees are all one and the same. "Code is law" proved useless when The DAO was hacked. At that time, the code was rewritten and ETH was forked. This is the "immutability" of cryptocurrencies, you can change any code at will. [2018/10/10]


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