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Peter Haymond

Peter Haymond

Peter HaymondCosmos

Responsible for developer relations at Cosmos.
Peter Haymond

Peter Haymond is responsible for developer relations at Cosmos to promote the development of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Trader Peter Brandt: Bitcoiners Should 'Against U.S. Spot Bitcoin ETFs': Golden Finance Reports Some Cryptocurrencies After SEC Rejected Vaneck's Bitcoin Spot Market Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) on Friday Advocates discussed the topic this weekend. For example, veteran forex trader Peter Brant told his 581,700 Twitter followers that bitcoin maximalists “should be against” a spot market bitcoin ETF. Bitcoiner PrestonPysh says Bitcoin may be less concerned about "spot ETF approval." Crypto Community Discusses Recent Bitcoin ETF Rejection - Peter Brant Says "Let's Not Encourage Wall Street To Convert Bitcoin To Vending Machine Assets". Brant said bitcoin's store-of-value story hinges on its scarcity, or even its difficulty of purchasing. Let's not encourage greedy Wall Street to convert BTC into vending machine assets, say no to ETFs. (news.bitcoin) [2021/11/15 6:51:53]

Peter Schiff: The nature of Bitcoin requires owners to encourage new buyers to enter the market: On July 19, Peter Schiff, a gold supporter and Bitcoin opponent, tweeted that Bitcoin loopholes keep accusing me of favoring gold due to personal bias . After all, I own gold and mining stocks for myself and my clients. But the argument goes both ways. Everyone who owns Bitcoin has a vested interest in its success, so they are also biased.

The nature of Bitcoin requires owners to encourage new buyers to enter the market. Without new buyers coming in, existing hoarders can't get out. As with any MLM, those who get in early have the potential to succeed only if everyone else is late. [2020/7/19]

News | Peter Schiff accuses BK Capital founder of dumping Bitcoin to retail investors: Peter Schiff, who has long supported gold and is skeptical of Bitcoin, accused BK Capital founder Brian Kelly of dumping Bitcoin to retail investors. Peter pointed out that in a video released by CNBC in August last year, Kelly expressed his support for Bitcoin, when the price of Bitcoin was about $7,400, but Kelly boldly declared, "If you are looking for an entry point for Bitcoin, then This could be the place." In an August video, Kelly stated that the cryptocurrency market is "completely undervalued and nearing the bottom." But Kelly recently revealed that he holds a net short position in Bitcoin. That means Kelly may have been short, but conveyed a bullish view to CNBC's retail investors. Or maybe he has only recently been short, however, which means that Kelly is in no position to talk about cryptocurrency price action as his predictions so far have been completely wrong. [2018/12/19]

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Peter Haymond
The founder left Cosmos internal strife

Text | Hoho Editor | Wendao "The one who defeats the entrepreneur is never the enemy, but himself." On February 4th, the star cross-chain project Cosmos split internally.

Tendermint cancels the CEO role, and the relationship between the decentralized universe and virgo is a mystery

Today, Jae Kwon, the founder and CEO of the blockchain company Tendermint (Cosmos), was rumored to be leaving the project and participating in a project called virgo.