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Nat Bunner

Nat Bunner

Nat Bunner

Cryptium Labs Research Engineer.
Nat Bunner

Nat Bunner is a member of the Cryptium Labs team and a mathematician trained in cryptography, with a particular fascination with problems related to algebra. Currently, his focus is on multi-party computation and zero-knowledge proofs.

Founder of Blofin: Signature Bank’s balance sheet is very healthy, and part of the reduction in encrypted deposits is to accept more diversified customers: News on December 9, according to CoinDesk, the US SignatureBank announced that it will reduce cryptocurrency deposits by as much as $10 billion . Signature Bank CEO Joe DePaolo said that as of September 2022, about 23.5% of the bank's $103 billion in total deposits will come from the encryption industry, but in view of recent problems in this area, Signature has finally decided to reduce this amount to 15%. %the following. Recently, Blofin founder Matt and Signature Bank confirmed that the latter's balance sheet is still very healthy. The reason for the above statement is that regulators are worried that its total encrypted deposits are too large and too concentrated with large customers. Signature Bank hopes to cut some of them to accept more diversified customers. [2022/12/9 21:33:14]

DAO solution provider Aragon co-founder launches Nation 3 DAO: Golden Finance news, DAO solution provider Aragon co-founder Luis Cuende tweeted to announce the launch of Nation3DAO to build a nation on the cloud. Users can participate by replying to the ENS domain name under the Nation 3 DAO tweet and forwarding it. The snapshot time is April 18. [2022/4/10 14:15:31]

News | EOS Nation's "Upgrade REX" multi-signature proposal has been approved: According to IMEOS news today, the "Upgrade REX (v1.8.3 contract)" multi-signature proposal proposed by EOS Nation yesterday has been voted by 16 nodes. In this REX system upgrade, the basic changes are as follows: - 30 days/12 hours REX installment pool - The threshold percentage has been reduced from 20% to 10%. [2020/1/3]

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Nat Bunner
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