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Sascha Goebel

Sascha Goebel

Sascha Goebel

CTO of Anyblock Analytics.
Sascha Goebel

Sascha Goebel is the CTO of Anyblock Analytics and was involved in creating the fastest blockchain search-zce project.

Osasion released a new version of APP wallet: According to the latest announcement of Osasion Osasion, the new version of the compatible public chain wallet APP under the NS-Relays Bridge verification centralized relay chain cross-chain bridge protocol of Osasion Osasion was officially launched on September 19, Hong Kong time release. Osasion will start on-chain data migration, which is divided into source ledger chain migration and user node migration. It is reported that the user node migration and the registration of the new version of the wallet APP on the IOS side will be suspended, and the original IOS side users need to be directed to the Android side for backup, waiting for the binding migration. Since the release of the announcement, node users need to download the new version of Osasion APP to register the corresponding number of wallets for backup, and wait for the opening of the new and old wallet account binding operation to ensure a smooth migration. Now the new version of the wallet APP has been opened for registration. The specific migration time is subject to the latest announcement. [2021/9/19 23:37:08]

Osasion Wallet V1.0.9 version and blockchain browser deployment completed: According to the latest news from Osasion, as of 15:25 Hong Kong time on July 15, Osasion Wallet V1.0.9 version and blockchain browsing devices are deployed. The above deployment is started based on the public chain iteration, and the wallet-side APP reservation optimization part is completed. The update involves the voting records of the Osasion ecological governance terminal community forum, the MPOS node activation page and download components, etc. The updated Osasion blockchain browser is officially connected to version 2.0 of the main network, and its functions have been optimized and improved compared to version 1.0. At present, the packaging and block generation of transactions on the chain are displayed normally, and the optimized monitoring is in progress. [2021/7/15 0:54:31]

The Osasion public chain Troy main network node breaks through the 10,000 mark: According to the data on the Osasion chain, as of 17:00 on January 24, 2021 Beijing time, the Osasion public chain Troy main network data is as follows:

AUC consensus target: 1.52$; increase: 1520%; initial multiplier: 15.2 times;

The current number of activated nodes: 10177; the average mining value of the current node: 0.01295961AUC;

Current block height: 9669550; AUC circulation market value: 3561006.78464734$;

AUC mining volume: 2342767.62147851 pieces; AUC issued hard cap: 137436181 pieces;

The current output ratio: 1.7%. Current mining coefficient: 89.37%; current mining difficulty: level 3, showing easy.

It is reported that the Vietnamese blockchain team BlockHub is holding Osasion’s first global gathering in Hanoi to celebrate the first landing of community distribution in the key node layout. As of now, the net increase of nodes today is 136. With the gradual determination of the layout of overseas communities, the Osasion public chain will start the next stage of system testing, making full preparations for the interaction of breaking through 100,000 nodes. [2021/1/24 13:21:25]

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Sascha Goebel
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