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Shahan Khatchadourian

Shahan Khatchadourian

Shahan KhachadourianConsenSys

Co-founder of PegaSys.
Shahan Khatchadourian

Shahan Khachadourian is the co-founder of PegaSys, developing the next generation of secure and scalable enterprise-grade blockchain platforms. He is an experienced software developer and researcher, and holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto, with decades of experience in aligning enterprise technology stacks (e.g., relational, graph databases) with blockchain paradigms ( Including decentralization, cryptography, virtual computing) bridged together.

Security team: ShadowFi does not define reasonable access control, which is exploited by attackers: According to official news, on September 2, the HyperLab security team detected the ShadowFi Token depreciation event on the BSC chain. The attacker destroyed 10,354,936.721195451 SDF tokens, and then exchanged 8.461538282 SDF for approximately $300,000 in BNB assets.

According to the analysis of the team, from the transaction details, the attacker called the burnTokens() function in the transaction to burn the SDF, and the ShadowFi contract did not implement the authority verification function onlyOwner, and set burnTokens to public, which led to being used by the attacker to burn all the tokens. destroy. The project party did not define reasonable access control for functions such as burn(), which resulted in any user being able to call this contract, resulting in unnecessary losses.

It is reported that Hyperlab focuses on the core product of digital wallet and its peripheral services, and conducts research work on issues such as hot wallet security, cold wallet security, wallet server security, and wallet user security, and provides security solutions and services for users and enterprises. [2022/9/2 13:05:12]

German brokerage firm Comdirect introduces 21Shares’ encrypted ETP into its savings plan: Jinse Finance reports that cryptocurrency ETP issuer 21Shares has entered into a partnership with German online brokerage Comdirect to introduce its encrypted currency ETP into Comdirect’s savings plan (Spar plan) . Eleven of the ETP products currently listed by 21Shares in Germany are available on the Comdirect platform with zero commission. [2021/7/14 0:49:45]

Vishal: Alpha5 quickly matches, and the depth of aggregation provides professional products and liquidity for risk hedging: At 20:00 on February 26, Alpha5 CEO Vishal visited the MXC Matcha community to express his views on Alpha5.

Vishal said: "Alpha5 is a one-stop encrypted asset derivatives trading platform, drawing on the Chicago Futures Commodity Exchange [implied order], which can help users find the arbitrage space between different products according to the price difference of the futures price curve. Quick matching, aggregation depth Provide professional products and liquidity for risk hedging, aiming to become a Chicago exchange in the field of cryptocurrency, providing a trading platform for institutions and traders."

Alpha5 (A5T) will log in to MXC Matcha M-Day at 9:00 on March 1, and start the lottery registration. You can get the lottery qualification by trading mainstream currencies and holding positions in USDT. [2021/2/26 17:57:21]

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Shahan Khatchadourian
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