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Jake Lang

Jake Lang

Jake LangEthereum

In the core development and research of Ethereum, mainly engaged in the development of Ewasm.
Jake Lang

Jake Lang works on Ewasm in Ethereum, uses SputnikVM JIT on etclabscore, and is a co-maintainer of Wasm-chisel. He is interested in Rust, WebAssembly, OSDev, and all things crypto.

Voice | Jake Chervinsky: The Ethereum community is friendly: U.S. government law enforcement defense and securities litigation attorney Jake Chervinsky tweeted today: "It's funny that when I tweeted yesterday that I like Bitcoin and Ethereum, basically every All cryptocurrency communities criticize me, only the Ethereum community is more friendly. Although I said that I am absolutely sure about the future of BTC and not sure about ETH.” [2019/7/11]

VOICE | Jake Chervinsky: ETFs are in trouble: ETFs are in trouble now, US government enforcement defense and securities litigation attorney Jake Chervinsky tweeted today. According to Chervinsky, while VanEck & SolidX have done a great job this year, things have gotten out of their control and the reason for the ETF's rejection could simply be because the market isn't ready for it. In the face of a series of ETF applications, the SEC is most concerned about market manipulation. And as the market structure continues to evolve and more survey-sharing agreements are signed, the likelihood of an ETF being approved will increase. The question now is how far market conditions can improve before next year's February 27th. [2018/12/11]

Voice | Jake Chervinsky: October 26 is not the deadline for the SEC to complete the review of 9 Bitcoin ETFs: in response to Cointelegraph's recent news that "the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is scheduled to review 9 Bitcoin ETFs on October 26" , U.S. government law enforcement defense attorney Jake Chervinsky tweeted that this is misleading and that the deadline is for the public to submit statements of support or disapproval, not for the SEC to complete the review (the deadline is November 5th, not October 26). After that, the SEC will review the statements and issue an order, but it will take time. [2018/10/7]

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Jake Lang
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