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Chuck Bergeron

Chuck Bergeron

Chuck Bergeron

Pool Together Designer.
Chuck Bergeron

Chuck Bergeron is currently the designer of Pool Together, and since 2004, he has gradually developed ideas into professional application output. He is a lover of open source software, and enjoys yoga, cycling, swimming, visual arts, etc. on a daily basis.

Social media celebrity Logan Paul will make the most expensive Pokémon card "Pikachu Illustrator" into an NFT: Golden Finance Report, owner of the most expensive Pokémon card "Pikachu Illustrator" in history, and social media celebrity Logan Paul announced that the card will be made into an NFT, so that the community can jointly own the card instead of being owned by him alone. It is reported that the NFT will be sold at a price of 5 million US dollars, but Logan Paul will still retain 40% ownership of the "Pikachu Illustrator" card, and Logan Pau will deposit the card in the vault. The right to use cards will be determined by the community. Logan Paul paid around £4.38 million ($5.27 million) for the PSA level 10 Pokémon card, setting a Guinness World Record, figures show. [2022/7/9 2:02:15]

People familiar with the matter: Riot Blockchain hires Jason Chung, managing director of mergers and acquisitions at Nomura Holdings, as head of corporate development: Bitcoin infrastructure company Riot Blockchain has hired Jason Chung, managing director of mergers and acquisitions at Nomura Holdings, as its head of corporate development, according to people familiar with the matter. Head of Corporate Development to help the company's business with strategic transactions. Jason Chung has been working in mergers and acquisitions at Nomura since 2014, first in New York and then in Hong Kong, and before that he worked for Société Générale for about eight years. Neither Nomura nor Riot Blockchain responded to requests for comment. (Bloomberg) [2022/6/1 3:55:28]

Hacking group Maze claims to use ransomware to attack insurance giant Chubb: The black hat hacking group Maze claims to use ransomware to compromise the systems of insurance giant Chubb. They also claimed to have stolen company data. Maze posted the statement on its website on March 27, according to Brett Callow, a threat analyst at cybersecurity firm Emsisoft. While the site has so far provided no direct evidence of a hack, Callow points to a few facts that lend credibility to the claim: "Maze's past attackers have included governments, law firms, healthcare providers, manufacturers, medical Research companies, health care providers, etc.” Callow explained that the group typically announces its hack after a successful attack, and then if the victim doesn’t pay, they publish small amounts of stolen data as evidence of the hack. If the attacked entity still doesn't pay, Maze will start releasing more and more sensitive data. In February, Maze demanded two ransom payments of 100 bitcoins from five U.S. law firms in exchange for restoring data and deleting additional copies of its files. It is unclear how much ransom Chubb was being asked for. Chubb is an insurance provider headquartered in Zurich with 32,700 employees and $34.2 billion in annual revenue, according to company data site Owler. The company did not respond to Cointelegraph's inquiries by press time. (Cointelegraph)[2020/3/30]

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Chuck Bergeron
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