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Carl Beekhuizen

Carl Beekhuizen

Carl BeekhuizenEthereum

Ethereum Eth 2.0 Research Analyst.
Carl Beekhuizen

Carl Beekhuizen is an Eth 2.0 research analyst at the Ethereum Foundation.

Cardano's ecological decentralized stable currency system Ardana will stop development: Jinse Finance reported that Cardano-based decentralized stable currency system Ardana tweeted that due to the uncertainty of funding and project schedule, Ardana will stop development.

Ardana believes that a large amount of money in the Cardano ecosystem is spent on tools, infrastructure and security, and there is uncertainty in project development, so the team has to stop developing dUSD. After that, Ardana will continue to open source code, and the remaining funds and treasury balance will be held by Ardana Labs. When there are teams with development capabilities in the community, Ardana will continue to work.

Previously, in October last year, Ardana completed a $10 million financing led by Three Arrows Capital. [2022/11/24 8:03:18]

Ardana was funded by NEAR to develop a cross-chain bridge between NEAR and Cardano: On November 23, Ardana, a stable currency and lending agreement on Cardano, was funded by NEAR, and the funded funds will be used to develop a cross-chain bridge between NEAR and Cardano. (CoinDesk) [2021/11/24 7:07:15]

Cardano founder: V God ignores Cardano is a kind of damage to the Ethereum ecology: On June 3, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said in a recent interview that V God ignored Cardano and ignored Cardano's achievements, and this This practice is hindering the development of Ethereum itself. Everything about Cardano is open source and can be borrowed by competitors. Charles Hoskinson said that he didn't live in V God's mind, so it's not clear why he never mentioned the Cardano project. This is a disservice to the Ethereum ecosystem, as many of the ideas in Cardano are very useful to Ethereum. Apart from criticizing Cardano's technology, all they do is prevent some of Cardano's ideas from providing value to them. (Cointelegraph) [2020/6/3]

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Carl Beekhuizen
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