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Adrian Lanzafame

Adrian Lanzafame

Adrian LanzafameIPFS

Protocol Labs Development Engineer.
Adrian Lanzafame

Adrian Lanzafame is currently a development engineer at Protocol Labs, working on the development of IPFS cluster projects, performing pinset management and distribution on top of IPFS nodes. Previously, he was a software developer at Genie Solutions and an associate software development engineer at Console Inc.

Netflix to Launch Documentary on QuadrigaCX CEO’s Mysterious Death: Golden Finance reports that online streaming platform and production company Netflix will produce a documentary about the late Gerald Cotten, the founder of cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX. According to a Netflix tweet on Sept. 23, the platform announced that Nobody Trusts: The Hunt for the Crypto King will premiere in 2022. Cotten, who reportedly died in December 2018 from complications of Crohn's disease, was the only person with knowledge of the private keys to the exchange's cold wallets. This led many in the crypto space to initially suspect that Cotten had faked his death and absconded with the funds, but there was never any evidence of this. A later investigation revealed that Panama-based payment processor Crypto Capital may have controlled many of the funds. [2021/9/24 17:02:14]

Survey: Most Crypto Users Think QuadrigaCX Founder Faked Death: Defunct Crypto Exchange QuadrigaCX Founder and CEO Gerald Cotten Died 18 Months Ago While Volunteering at an Orphanage in India Most Crypto Users Apparently think he's still alive. According to an online poll at the Virtual Consensus 2020 event, 60% of respondents said they believed Cotten was definitely alive, and 90% agreed to exhume the body of the reported CEO and perform an autopsy. (Cointelegraph)[2020/5/13]

Dynamics | The lawyer representing QuadrigaCX said that the exchange has no funds: According to the Toronto Star, Maurice Chiasson, a lawyer representing the Canadian encryption exchange QuadrigaCX, said in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia today that as of today, the exchange has nothing up. Chiasson said he expects to receive more funding from Jennifer Robertson, the widow of the exchange’s late chief executive, who had previously provided $150,000 to cover operating costs. [2019/2/15]

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Adrian Lanzafame
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