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Diego Mazo

Diego Mazo

Diego MazoEducation

Professor of Strategy and Service Design, University of the Andes.
Diego Mazo

Diego Mazo Diego Mazo, Professor of Strategy and Service Design at the University of the Andes, is currently exploring the boundaries between decentralized technologies, behavioral economics, and design thinking and their implications in digital services.

Meta Platforms plans to sell Diem for about $200 million: On January 27th, Meta Platforms (FB.O)’s cryptocurrency venture capital (digital cryptocurrency project Diem Association) is about to close. According to people familiar with the matter, the company intends to sell Diem Its technology was sold to a small California bank that serves bitcoin and blockchain companies for about $200 million. (Golden Ten) [2022/1/27 9:16:28]

Design Strategy is his area of expertise, focusing on Design Strategy, Service Design, Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Business Model Innovation and Idea Facilitation. He applies these skills to serve clients in different industries and has extensive experience in banking, telecommunications, FMCG, consumer electronics.

Bertrand Perez, former chief operating officer of Diem, will join Web3 Foundation as COO: Jinse Finance reports that Bertrand Perez, former chief operating officer of the Facebook-backed Diem stablecoin project, will join Web3 Foundation as chief operating officer. Perez, who joined Diem (then known as Libra) as chief operating officer in early 2019, said he resigned this summer over a decision to move the project from the oversight of Swiss financial watchdog FINMA to U.S. regulation. [2021/9/7 23:07:24]

Pablo Escobar's Brother Launches \"Diet Bitcoin\": Roberto Escobar, the brother of notorious cocaine lord and religious figure Pablo Escobar, has entered the cryptocurrency market with his own \"Diet Bitcoin\", which he considers a \"Diet Bitcoin\" "Will be the last cryptocurrency. \"Diet Bitcoin\" is a cryptocurrency that was recently forked from Bitcoin. [2018/3/22]

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Diego Mazo
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