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Mable Jiang

Mable Jiang

Mable Jiang

Executive Director of Multicoin.
Mable Jiang

Mable Jiang is currently the executive director of Multicoin Capital, and is responsible for managing the investment team based in Beijing. Previously, she was a partner at Nirvana Capital and a contributor to Her past experience includes technology companies' corporate/operational strategy, industry research and company valuation, as well as organizational restructuring, etc. She is especially interested in investment opportunities in technology, content, and new media. She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, English fluently, and can use Japanese for daily communication.

MetaMask recruits a product marketing manager, or will issue Token: On May 22, MetaMask is recruiting a product marketing manager, who is responsible for the planning, development and execution of MetaMask product marketing activities, as well as related product marketing activities, including market and competition analysis , customer case studies, product positioning, key product benefits and messaging.

According to previous news in March, ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin said in an interview with Decrypt that MetaMask will soon launch a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and plans to issue Token. [2022/5/23 3:34:29]

Mable Jiang told Lianwen that she will continue to be based in Beijing. Building investment themes and strategies for the primary and secondary markets will be an important part of her work. At the same time, she will also do some financing work to build the brand of Multicoin Capital in Asia. It will run through all aspects of work.

The function of the Rococo parachain is stable, and it is expected to see the Kusama proposal of the system-level parachain within two weeks: Bryan Chen, a member of the Polkadot DeFi platform Acala council, said in the event "Exploring Karura, the Kusama DeFi center, and grasping the 2021 KSM Nugget Era" The latest version of Rococo will support 200 validators and is undergoing a larger-scale stress test. At the same time, Acala has also conducted cross-chain tests with other projects including Plasm, HydraDX, etc., and initially verified the cross-chain transaction function. implementation and stability. And Bryan said that if the next test goes well, then we may see the Kusama proposal to add the system parachain statemint within 2 weeks, and then a referendum will be held. After the referendum is successful, just wait for the referendum to end, then We can see the first parachain of Kusama. In the end, there will be a few weeks of testing on Kusama. If everything goes well, the referendum proposal for the opening of the parachain can be officially launched. [2021/3/19 19:00:32]

BitMax has launched Serum (SRM) Staking service: According to official news, BitMax ( exchange has launched Serum (SRM) Staking service.

The main features of BitMax Staking business are:

-1) Support fast release of pledge, no need to wait for the unlocking period;

-2) Pledge assets to participate in leveraged transactions, earn money and trade at the same time, and obtain double benefits;

-3) One-click compound interest, automatic reinvestment, maximizing income.

For more details, please visit the BTMX official website. [2020/8/20]

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Mable Jiang
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Mable Jiang is the investment executive director of Multicoin Capital based in Beijing. Multicoin Capital is a theme-driven crypto technology investment institution. At the time of writing.