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Monica Quaintance

Monica Quaintance

Monica Quaintance

Head of Research and Strategy, Kadena.
Monica Quaintance

Monica Quaintance, as Head of Research and Strategy at Kadena, oversees the development of technologies that empower enterprises to master simple, secure and scalable smart contracts. Her career has ranged from banking to engineering to regulation, and she led database engineering for over three years at Rent The Runway, where she implemented transactional data migrations and maintained data management scripts as a senior data engineer, also at Rent The Runway SEC acts as a quantitative analyst programmer.

Commonwealth Labs and Webb Technologies join the Astar Network development team: October 29 information, Commonwealth Labs and Webb Technologies joined the Polkadot ecological DApp platform Astar Network development team, becoming one of the three core development companies behind the project. Previously, Astar Network was led by Stake Technologies, and this cooperation will allow Commonwealth Labs and Webb Technologies to jointly lead the technological development of the Astar ecosystem with Stake Technologies. [2021/10/29 6:19:39]

She holds a BA in Statistics and Probability and Economics from Columbia University and holds two BAs. A well-known speaker in the blockchain community and co-founder of Universal Consensus, a diverse blockchain-focused organization, she is known for her expertise in educating blockchain, helping to understand some of the most popular Different basic technical principles behind blockchain projects.

Digital bank Monese is exploring launching crypto products: Golden Finance reports that digital bank Monese is exploring offering new crypto products through its mobile money app. Monese is in talks with the cryptocurrency exchange about a potential partnership to help it roll out the new tool, the sources said. But the startup said it has "no immediate plans" to launch an encrypted product. [2021/7/9 0:38:15]

The base layer blockchain Harmony integrates the Indonesian rupiah stable currency Rupiah Token: According to official news, the base layer blockchain Harmony integrates the stable currency Rupiah Token supported by the Indonesian rupiah 1:1. The Rupiah Token on Harmony will provide liquidity to fintech startups and unlock global payments with near-instant settlement in Indonesia and beyond. [2021/5/15 22:05:45]

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Monica Quaintance
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