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Filippo Florian

Filippo Florian

Filippo Florian

Co-founder of Lescovex Digital Assets.
Filippo Florian

Filippo Florián is co-founder of Lescovex Digital Assets, fintech entrepreneur, crypto and blockchain enthusiast since 2013, co-founder of BEN Italy, and consultant of Crea Project.

The Filecoin network has produced 340,900 FILs in the past 24 hours: According to IPFS100 reports, Filfox browser data shows that the current block height of the Filecoin network is 1124333, the effective computing power of the entire network is 11.076EiB, and the total pledged amount is about 111.89 million FILs. The number of active-zce miners is 3,250, and the reward for each block is 23.9145 FIL. In the past 24 hours, 340,862 FILs have been produced. The average mining income in 24 hours is 0.0295 FIL/TiB. The current circulation of FIL is 172,292,947. Currently, 28,069,069 FILs are destroyed. The current latest price of FIL is $84.02.

The current top three effective computing power are: f0688165 (MetaverseInfrastructure) ranked first with 142.60PiB, f0127595 (MetaverseInfrast) temporarily ranked second with 132.70PiB, and f0142720 (RRM-Athena) ranked third with 124.23PiB.

Note: According to the official release rules of Filecoin, Filecoin will usher in the second production reduction on October 15, 2021. [2021/9/19 23:36:45]

DeFIL issued a safety reminder for counterfeiting false information on the DeFIL platform: According to official news, some community users recently reported that some teams created official websites and official telegram groups under the guise of the DeFIL platform, and counterfeited a series of activities such as testing and lottery on the DeFIL platform. Users transfer DFL to them to get more DFL. After verification by the DeFIL community self-government team, it is a fake link created by counterfeiting the DeFIL platform.

The DeFIL community autonomy team hereby reminds all users, please look for the official website of DeFIL and the official telegram group, and do not click on links from unknown sources to prevent logging into the phishing platform. The DeFIL platform will not collect funds from any user, and the community customer service will not ask any sensitive information such as user passwords, private keys, text messages, and two-step verification. [2021/8/18 22:22:10]

FIL broke through the $47 mark with an intraday increase of 2.09%: According to data from Huobi Global, FIL rose in the short term and broke through the $47 mark. It is now reported at $47.0146, with an intraday increase of 2.09%. The market fluctuates greatly, so please do a good job in risk control. [2021/7/19 1:01:09]

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Filippo Florian
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