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Xen Baynham-Herd

Xen Baynham-Herd

Xen Baynham-Herd Chief Operating Officer.
Xen Baynham-Herd

Xen Baynham-Herd is the COO of As early as 2017, he was a director of UBS, managing structured asset portfolios, derivatives transactions, etc. His career has covered fixed income trading, financial product structuring, asset and liability management, investment banking, balance sheet optimization, etc.

Parisian restaurant 'Le Bistrot d'Eleonore et Maxence' accepts SHIB: October 31, Paris-based restaurant Le Bistrot d'Eleonore et Maxence now accepts SHIB, and after adding SHIB to its payment method, the restaurant Passenger traffic surged. (Coinquora) [2021/10/31 6:23:06]

Jubi will launch XEND at 16:00 on March 24: According to official news, Jubi will launch XEND at 16:00 on March 24, 2021 (UTC+8), opening the XEND/USDT currency trading market; The deposit and withdrawal of XEND has been opened. Depositing XEND now can get double deposit and mining computing power rewards of "Coin Deposit is Mining".

Xend Token ($Xend) supports Ethereum-based decentralized savings and multi-level interest generation protocols. Xend token tools include: rewards, governance, equity, payments for decentralized insurance, and more.

Xend Finance smart contracts make it possible to execute credit union, Esusu and personal savings operations to earn interest on stablecoins. [2021/3/24 19:13:32]

Xeno Holdings invested in CityLabs, whose business involves BaaS, etc.: The investment company Xeno Holdings Limited made an equity investment in CityLabs Co. Ltd. to expand its influence in the Korean market. Previously, the company signed an investment and cooperation agreement with Gloucester Hotel Jeju to develop hotel, resort, tourism and leisure businesses in Jeju Island.

It is reported that CityLabs Co. Ltd. (formerly known as Daily Blockchain) is a Korean Kosdaq (Kosdaq) listed company, mainly engaged in smart city solutions business, providing BaaS (block chain as a service), intelligent transportation system (ITS) Solutions, closed circuit television (CCTV) integrated control center business, road traffic management system, driver information system, optimal route guidance system, public traffic management system, electronic security system, marine traffic control system and air traffic control system. Hong Kong-based investment firm Xeno Holdings primarily invests in tech-oriented start-ups; recently launched the NFT marketplace platform Xeno NFT Hub. (Crypto News Flash) [2021/3/15 18:45:30]

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Xen Baynham-Herd
​5.On 20, choose to further consolidate and close or make a breakthrough

On 5.20, should we choose to further consolidate and close the market, or make a breakthrough?BitKeep: Most of the stolen funds have been transferred to the address on the BSC.