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William Verbal

William Verbal

William Verbal

Founder of 1212 Ventures.
William Verbal

William Verbal, founder of 1212 Ventures, is a French expatriate living in Bangkok, Thailand. He started out as a developer at a Chinese advertising agency, rose to senior technical manager, and then quit. He has worked in various fields such as website development, mobile application, data analysis, etc.

Will, a core member of the PieDao team: DOUGH popularizes digital asset tools and generates income: At 20:00 on January 27, Alexintosh and Will, core members of the PieDao team, came to the MXC Matcha community to express their views. Will said: "The main purpose of PieDAO is to make digital assets The democratization of tools, DOUGH is a management token, and the community builds and manages diverse products through DOUGH to generate income. I believe that everyone should be in control of their financial situation and get rewarded by supporting the ecosystem, and DOUGH tokens are It’s a way to achieve a goal.”

It is understood that the MXC Matcha Assessment Zone will launch PieDAO DOUGH v2 (DOUGH) at 16:00 on January 28, 2021 (UTC+8), open the USDT trading market and API transactions, and will open a new one on January 27, 2021. Coin mining. [2021/1/27 21:48:51]

He announced on Twitter that he would shut down all of his applications based on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, and plans to conduct experiments on the Bitcoin Cash network in the future. 1212 Ventures had planned to launch 12 Bitcoin-related projects within 12 months, but now the founder has decided to close the Lightning Network-based application, but screenshots of his previously developed projects can still be found on the official website. He said, "I don't think Layer 2 solutions are currently feasible. I plan to conduct some experiments with Bitcoin Cash in the future. I will stop working as a Bitcoin developer for a while after that, although my previous 4 years Totally obsessed with bitcoin. Bear markets are boring, bye.”

Voice | Bitcoin expert William Mougayar: Regulators should build a new regulatory framework for the blockchain: Recently, Bitcoin expert William Mougayar published an article on the development proposals for the blockchain industry. Regarding the regulatory agencies, he believes that they should not further deepen their pain when the market is cold or there is no chance to turn around. Blockchains, tokens, cryptocurrencies, and distributed trust p2p networks, they are all emerging things that don't quite fit with the established industry norms. They are more revolutionary and inherently different, and thus require a new regulatory framework. [2019/1/3]

Voice | Fred Wilson: Cryptocurrency will no longer be a safe haven in 2019: According to Cointelegraph, American venture capitalist and businessman Fred Wilson recently stated in a blog post titled “What’s Coming in 2019” that he doesn’t think crypto Currency remains a safe haven in 2019. According to Wilson, 2019 will be the year for stablecoins to gain significant headway and consumer adoption. Wilson worries about actions by misguided regulators who may target high-quality projects and hurt them. The crypto industry will continue to experience scams, hacks, project failures, and lost investments that could drag the industry down. [2019/1/2]

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William Verbal
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