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IPFS Chinese Community

IPFS Chinese Community

IPFS Chinese communitycommunityIPFS

In the IPFS Chinese community, everyone is a node.
IPFS Chinese Community

The IPFS Chinese community is committed to building this community into a global ecological community. We will uphold the consensus concept of the blockchain, carry out ideas, technologies, and ecological exchanges based on the community, attract people who are interested in the blockchain, start to get in touch with IPFS and understand the community, and guide these blockchain enthusiasts to join the IPFS ecosystem, and then Supplemented by comprehensive, timely and high-quality IPFS information and technical support, the enthusiasts in the ecosystem will be transformed into IPFS supporters, thereby promoting the vigorous development of the entire IPFS ecosystem.

go-ipfs changed its name to Kubo: On July 21, go-ipfs changed its name to Kubo and released version v0.14.0 to implement the IPFS protocol written in Go language. This renaming aims to clarify that IPFS is a set of interoperable protocols, rather than a specific implementation like go-ipfs. [2022/7/21 2:28:20]

Dynamic | IPFS performance can be enhanced through the DAPP Network: The LiquidApps team recently published an article explaining how IPFS, currently the most decentralized distributed network storage system, is inefficient due to lack of incentives, and how this problem can to improve.

“The developers of IPFS had high expectations for what they were doing. It was conceived to be the backbone of the Web 3.0 release. …However, IPFS never got its chance. …Storage networks and blockchain technology have A real-time display is realized on the DAPP network."

IPFS nodes have no incentive to keep data online, so the requested file may not be delivered as a result, either because it is offline or the file is no longer stored on it. Users using the DAPP Network who want to store files via IPFS can pay a DSP to keep a copy of the data in their IPFS node to ensure its availability. [2019/12/16]

On-site | Xin Bingqian: IPFS is the realization of blockchain at the application level: Jinse Finance live report, April 10th, Secretary-General Xin Bingqian of the Wireless Mesh Network and MESH+IPFS Professional Committee of the China Communications Industry Association at the "2019 Second Session in Shenzhen During the speech at the International Blockchain Technology and Application Conference, it was pointed out that IPFS is not a blockchain, it is the implementation of blockchain at the application level, and it is the thinking of sharing data storage. Sharing space and uploading files here is profitable, it is the embodiment of commercial value, and it is just a voucher for the convenience of global unified settlement. As the next-generation Internet basic system, IPFS can be well combined with 5G and artificial intelligence, and thousands of applications in the future can also be built based on this. Through its incentive layer, the storage of blockchain data can indeed be completed, but it cannot be generalized. [2019/4/10]

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IPFS Chinese Community
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