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Kevin Marek

Kevin Marek

Kevin MarekDeFi

Founder of Echonomics.
Kevin Marek

Kevin Marek, founder and owner of Echonomics, is a highly analytical professional with a strong educational background in science, numeracy, and economics. He has participated in Balance Wallet, TornadoBot, MetaCartel, liquiDeFi and other projects. For more than a decade, he has interacted, forecasted and contributed to the financial world in all aspects of trading.

Kevin Shao: In the future, more transactions will definitely be concentrated on the chain: Jinse Finance reported that Bitrise Capital Co-Founder Kevin was at the Metainsight Roundtable hosted by Metasight with the theme of "Cold Thoughts on FTX Events: How to Safely Manage Customer Assets" Shao said,

The development pattern of blockchain or crypto in the future is actually relatively clear. On the one hand, more transactions in the future will definitely be concentrated on the chain, and slowly migrate to the past to improve user experience and improve user transaction efficiency.

The second aspect is traditional compliance. Traditional supervision will definitely continue to increase. In particular, the asset custody of centralized exchanges will be awarded to third parties to do some supervision like traditional financial supervision.

Then based on this custody industry, there will be a wave of demand. At the same time, we believe that many centralizations may become more of a bridge in the future, that is, when fiat currency enters crypto, it will be a very good bridge. In the crypto world, there are many alternative or very secure solutions to meet transaction requirements, and I think this is predictable. [2022/11/20 22:07:43]

Kevin O'Leary: Crypto Mining Ban Will Make NYC Uninvestable: Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary said shortly after the New York State Legislature considered imposing a two-year moratorium on its proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrency mining operations, Golden Finance reports. A CNBC video commented on what the PoW ban means for the state of New York. Kevin O'Leary said something like this wouldn't have an impact on the industry because bitcoin mining would continue, but it's really bad for New York.

O’Leary argues that most miners would rather use New York’s abundant hydropower than the more harmful carbon-burning electricity from which the state itself will get a lot of tax revenue and good jobs, but all they’re doing is scaring away capital. [2022/5/30 3:49:51]

Celebrity investor Kevin O'Leary: Crypto is destined to be the "12th sector" of the S&P 500: Golden Financial News, Canadian entrepreneur, celebrity investor and TV personality Kevin O'Leary on crypto The industry made big predictions. He believes that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will become a "sector 12" in the S&P 500, or Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). [2022/4/8 14:11:27]

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Kevin Marek
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