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Chu Bangping

Chu Bangping

Chu Bangping

Partner at Initialized Capital.
Chu Bangping

Chu Bangping Vincent Chu is a partner at Initialized Capital. Previously, he worked at Clara Lending (acquired by SoFi), Twitter, and Posterous (acquired by Twitter). He holds a BA in Physics and Mathematics from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University.

Xue Feng, Director of Beijing Copyright Protection Center: The number of national nodes in the copyright chain has reached 35: Jinse Finance live report, on December 29, the second Trusted Digital Copyright Ecological Forum was held in Beijing. Xue Feng, director of the Beijing Copyright Protection Center, released the "2021 Copyright Chain Innovation and Application Development Report" on the spot, pointing out that in terms of public services and industry governance, the Copyright Chain has established a platform for copyright registration and confirmation, a platform for copyright deposit certificates, and a platform for uploading copyright assets to the chain. chain-Tianping chain administrative and judicial collaboration platform, copyright chain-notarization chain collaboration platform, copyright chain pre-litigation governance platform and other carriers; in terms of model innovation and industrial empowerment, copyright chain has achieved integration with book publishing, national reading, script trading, Artwork transactions, art exhibitions, theatrical performances, digital cultural tourism, virtual images, industrial design, credible talents, creative activities, genuine gallery, genuine music library and other project applications; in terms of copyright transaction and copyright finance, digital copyright assets The issuance platform, digital copyright asset pledge platform, and digital copyright asset trust platform have been established and launched; in terms of technological innovation and infrastructure, a patent for a certificate management method and device based on blockchain technology and a certificate query, Patents for verification methods and systems. In addition, trusted infrastructure such as the China Tea Chain, ATM Chain, operation centers and network nodes, the official website and APP of Space-Time Society, and the official website and APP of Zhengxintong have also been established. It is worth mentioning that, as of August 2021, copyright chain national operation centers have established copyright chain provincial operation centers in Beijing, Jiangsu, Hainan, Jiangxi, Jilin and other provinces and cities, and the number of copyright chain national nodes has reached 35 . The Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau has been selected as a national blockchain innovative application pilot with digital copyright certificates, copyright chains and application demonstration projects. [2021/12/29 8:11:52]

He is a software engineer who can build highly scalable systems and has extensive experience building highly available products. He started out as a physicist and later became a software engineer, working as Director of Engineering at Posterous. Worked on backend systems at Twitter. He was also an early employee of Clara Lending, building its mortgage lending platform.

Binance Staking announced today that it has officially joined the IOST node partner: According to official news, Binance Staking announced today that it has officially joined the IOST node partner and launched the IOST high-yield staking activity simultaneously. Within 30 minutes of the event going live, a total of 300 million IOST quotas for 15-day, 60-day, and 90-day cycle products were sold out, leaving only part of the 30-day cycle quota.

Binance Staking is a comprehensive service platform dedicated to improving miners' income, and provides mining services for users around the two major areas of POW and POS. As an important part of the Binance ecosystem, Binance Staking gives full play to its advantages in technology, capital, trading business, and industry resources to provide users with the ultimate mining experience and a one-stop "mining-trading" service. [2021/1/28 14:15:20]

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Chu Bangping
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