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POA Network

POA Network

POA Networkcross-chainPOA

Based on the authoritative consensus proof of the Ethereum protocol, Parity Bridge is used to enhance usability.
POA Network

The POA network attempts to build an open and open network based on the Ethereum protocol and using Proof-of-authority. The main core idea of the project is to enable individuals to use the PoA protocol to build a smart contract platform that is faster and cheaper than the PoW protocol. Another key solution is to establish a bridge between blockchains based on the rules of the Ethereum protocol, enabling interaction and connectivity between blockchains of different protocol types.

Thousands of POAP in the address of a large account are suspected to be destroyed by the official, and the POAP official may issue an announcement: News on July 20, according to community users. Nearly 4,000 POAP in the user's address are suspected to have been officially destroyed. Blockchain browser records show that thousands of POAPs have been deposited into the Burn address.

It is understood that 9 users' POAPs have been destroyed so far. POAP's official Discord Chinese Mod said that POAP's announcement on this event will be announced later.

In addition, isabl, COO of POAP, stated on the official POAP forum in March that some users automatically obtained POAP through the loopholes in the delivery system violated the spirit of the agreement, so all POAP in their addresses were destroyed. [2022/7/20 2:25:36]

The POA project is the only project that has successfully raised funds in 2017. Before the financing, the code base has been fully developed. It has released its own main network and blockchain browser while distributing tokens with super high work efficiency and the fastest speed. An independent public blockchain project that realizes cross-chain applications.

Enemies With Benefits announces cooperation with FWB to launch limited edition POAP: On December 14th, Enemies With Benefits announced that it will cooperate with the creative self-made organization Friends With Benefits (FWB) to launch a limited edition POAP. This series of POAP was created by crypto artist Dame.eth. Issued on the xDai chain.

It is reported that POAP is an NFT issued on the xDai network, and users can choose to pay gas fees to migrate it to the Ethereum mainnet. [2021/12/14 7:38:44]

According to Lianwen's "Large List of Ethereum Expansion Solutions", POA Network uses Parity Bridge to enhance usability. Developed a set of tools to allow users to deploy their own POA network using Parity nodes and supervision systems. Work on an open-source blockchain explorer.

News | POA Network launches TokenBridge: According to ethnews reports, POA Network has announced the launch of TokenBridge connecting ERC20 tokens, which can be used with any Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens, enabling Ethereum-based networks to interact with each other. The POA Bridge, which was previously launched by POA in May, only allows POA20 tokens native to Ethereum to be exchanged for tokens native to POA. [2018/11/22]

You can design your smart contract to be upgradeable, but you need to know the Rust language and the smart contract Solidity language, upgrade the system or run the bridge's validator set. DApps will then be ready to move to things like sharding and Polkadot. The team has created a deployment playbook for easy development mastery.

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POA Network
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