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BLOCKTIXanti-counterfeiting traceability

Anti-counterfeit ticket solution for event organizers.

Blocktix is a team of seven native American blockchain experts and information technology experts dedicated to providing services for traditional event launch, ticket hosting, and more. The Blocktix blockchain will be deployed on the Ethereum chain, and it is one of the few toolkit projects that rely on Ethereum to build and provide effective smart contracts. At the same time, Ethereum is the default payment method of Blocktix, which means that users can purchase tickets on Blocktix through ETH.

Distributed computing network Blockstack releases Stacks2.0 version white paper: On December 15, the co-founder of distributed computing network Blockstack (STX) tweeted that the white paper of its blockchain Stacks2.0 version has been released, which describes Bitcoin and the Stacks blockchain, the STX economic model, and the new smart contract language Clarity, among others. [2020/12/15 15:13:07]

Blocktix is an anti-counterfeit ticket solution focused on attracting event organizers to the network by building a user base through sophisticated smart contracts and an application-based advertising network. Instead of addressing unregulated scalping high-ticket related issues, they instead focus on in-app ads that use their token and event listings to reward users for viewing events in their area. There is a tight relationship between the Blocktix user interface and the blockchain-based backend.

News | Decentralized asset issuance network STP completed the first round of financing of US$5 million, BlockVC and others participated in the investment: According to Lianwen, the decentralized asset issuance network STP (Standard Tokenization Protocol) announced the completion of the first round of financing of US$5 million, FBG, Blockchain investment institutions such as BlockVC and NGC participated in this round of financing. [2019/5/1]

Blocktix, on the other hand, is primarily focused on stopping unregulated touting and unsold inventory issues in the ticketing industry, i.e. stopping unregulated touting, such as people being able to buy and sell within the bounds of a secondary market defined by the event organizer. re-sale. But the solution provided by another competitor, Aventus, is to design an open protocol that anyone can use to build a ticketing application that prevents unfair touting, and of course addresses counterfeit tickets and unsold inventory. problem, completely eliminate the black market.

People | BB mother Kasparek leaves Bank of America to join Blockone: According to IMEOS, Kasparek ended his illustrious 21-year career at Bank of America in early October. Kasparek was named the most influential leader in the Corridor by CBJ readers in 2016.

The idea for her career change came from her 32-year-old son, Brendan Blumer. Referred to as BB, he is the CEO and co-founder of, which is also the software publisher behind EOS.IO. is a leader in the field of open source blockchain software, and this field is also developing Explosive growth.

Ms Kasparek said her son had achieved such success and wanted to place his trust in her because such an important personal endeavor was touching. [2018/11/18]

Ultimately, Aventus and Blocktix have different clients. Aventus' customers are ticket sellers, promoters, social influencers, anyone who has fans and wants to sell tickets in their own DApp according to the agreement; Blocktix's customers are mainly event organizers, and buyers on the other hand.

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