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Based on Ethereum's open standards, an irreplaceable and unique token is built.

ERC-721 is based on Ethereum's free and open standard and describes how to build non-fungible or unique tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Think of it as a rare, unique digital collectible.

Mastercard CEO: "Technical preparation" for the central bank's digital currency: According to news on June 9, the CEO of Mastercard said that he is "technically prepared" for the central bank's digital currency. [2022/6/9 4:12:52]

Coinbase: Ethereum and ERC-20 transaction delay issues resolved: According to official news, the Coinbase platform stated that the transaction delay issues of Ethereum and ERC-20 have been resolved. Officially, ETH and ERC-20 sending is fixed and should now work at normal speeds. [2021/2/13 19:40:29]

Announcement | Huobi Global resumes USDT (ERC20) withdrawal service: Huobi announced that Huobi Global has now resumed USDT (ERC20) withdrawal service. [2019/6/26]


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