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Super chain

Super chain


Baidu's self-developed blockchain 3.0 solution.
Super chain

Baidu Super Chain is a blockchain 3.0 solution developed by Baidu with strong network throughput, high concurrent validity verification capabilities and scalable storage capabilities.

ASX CEO: In the future, efforts will be made to approve "pure" ETFs based on Bitcoin and Ethereum: Golden Finance reported that according to the "Sydney Morning Herald", Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) CEO Dominic Steven Dominic Stevens said that as the encryption industry continues to develop, the Australian Securities Exchange will launch more encryption businesses in the future. Dominic Stevens also revealed that a settlement system based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) under development will replace the exchange's aging CHESS system sometime in the next few years, and he also claimed that he will work to approve a bitcoin-based settlement system. "pure" exchange-traded funds for Bitcoin and Ethereum. [2022/2/15 9:53:15]

A generic smart contract, a set of promises defined in digital form. Based on UTXO, smart contracts compatible with EVM and WebAssembly can be run universally.

Criminals wanted to launder money through "virtual currency" and were arrested by the police: At 7 o'clock in the evening on March 9, the police from the Shuitou Police Station of the Nan'an Public Security Bureau found that the fugitive Guo Mousong (male, 40 years old) was active-zce near Times New City, Shuitou Township . After investigation, Guo Mousong once defrauded more than 300,000 yuan in Henan by pretending to be a township secretary on March 5, intending to use "virtual currency" to launder money through middlemen. At present, the criminal has been arrested by the police. (Minnan Net) [2021/3/11 18:34:28]

High-performance and high-reliability computing network, illustrated by directed tree, DAG graph and directed graph. Based on the parallel computing network of DAG, the smart contract running on a single chain can reach 100,000 TPS, and the single-chain performance can exceed 10 million TPS through reversible side chain technology

Voice| Ao Bencong: Many people who sell blockchain solutions don’t understand Bitcoin at all: Ao Bencong (Dr Craig S Wright) just tweeted that I found that there are thousands of pseudoscience advocates selling " Blockchain solutions", but no one really has a clue. They never seriously study Bitcoin, they just look at it through the filter of inherent beliefs and arrogance. [2019/1/1]

Blockchain three-dimensional network: the horizontal line is a chain, and the vertical line is a cross-chain. Parallel chains and cross-chains constitute a three-dimensional blockchain network. The multi-chain operation capability can reach tens of millions of TPS, and it has a secure business form that isolates business, data, and participants.


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Super chain
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