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Bitget implements zero handling fee for all spot goods from today



Time:9/6/2022 1:11:41 PM

[Bitget implements zero handling fee for all spot products from today] According to news on September 6, the digital asset trading platform Bitget announced that it will implement zero handling fee for spot trading from September 6 until further notice. In addition, Bitget will issue 1 million BGB as a reward to users whose transaction volume exceeds 500 USDT between September 6 and October 6, which will be distributed according to the proportion of each user's transaction volume. (prnewswire)

Other news:

The decentralized foreign exchange platform Vertex Protocol public testnet is officially launched Arbitrum: On November 22, the decentralized foreign exchange platform Vertex Protocol tweeted that the Vertex public testnet was officially launched. It is reported that Vertex is a CLOB built on the Arbitrum network, a cross-margin (cross-margin mode) DEX agreement, including spot, contract futures and money markets.

It is reported that Vertex originally planned to launch Terra, but finally decided to list Arbitum. On April 26 this year, Vertex Protocol completed a $8.5 million seed round of financing, led by Hack VC, Dexterity Capital, Jane Street, Hudson River Trading, etc. [2022/11/22 7:56:36]

Kryll received investment from 100xVentures, the venture capital arm of BitMEX parent company: 100xVentures, the venture capital arm of 100xGroup, the parent company of BitMEX, invested in Cryptense and its flagship cryptocurrency trading automation platform, Kryll, for an undisclosed amount. This investment will allow Kryll to fully integrate with the BitMEX platform and other 100xVentures portfolio companies, thereby expanding the user base. [2021/7/26 1:16:29]

Korbit has now restricted user withdrawals and requires verification of user wallet address ownership: According to BeInCrypto on February 15, some Twitter users accused the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Korbit of restricting user withdrawals and requiring users to show proof of ownership of their wallet addresses. In the email the user received, the exchange stated that if the user did not use their authentication address, the exchange would retain the user's ability to withdraw funds. Users will not be able to process any withdrawals until Korbit's new KYC and AML measures are met. [2021/2/16 19:50:27]

The number of addresses holding more than 10 ETH coins reached an all-time high.

Jinse Finance reported that Glassnode data shows that the number.

Block Chain:9/3/2022 1:06:53 PM
BitTorrent File System (BTFS) technical community upgrade announcement has been released

According to official news.

Block Chain:9/5/2022 1:09:26 PM
Optimism will gradually reduce the data transfer rate of public RPC nodes.

On September 7th.

Block Chain:9/7/2022 1:14:44 PM
Data: sudoswap daily activity dropped to 352, down more than 80% from the August high

According to news on September 5.

Block Chain:9/5/2022 1:09:24 PM