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Data: The total lock-up volume on the MM Finance Polygon chain exceeds 460 million US dollars.



Time:8/17/2022 12:30:39 PM

[Data: The total lock-up volume on the MM Finance Polygon chain exceeds US$460 million] On August 17, according to DeFiLlama data, the total lock-up volume on the MM Finance Polygon chain of the Polygon network DEX project exceeded US$460 million. As previously reported, on August 13, MM Finance completed the launch of Launchpad, and more than 128 million USDC participated in the sale of MMFToken. MM Finance was originally a DEX on the Cronos chain, and now it is restarted on Polygon.

Other news:

Data: Arweave's revenue in the third quarter exceeded $268,000: According to news on November 10, encryption analysis agency Messari cited data that the ecology of the blockchain storage protocol Arweave has developed rapidly in the past few months. The capacity has exceeded 20TB, and it took 1139 days for the data scale to reach 10TB from 0TB, and only 87 days to reach 20TB from 10TB. Messari pointed out that Arweave has achieved exponential growth because it can provide cheap NFT chain storage, support streaming media Web3 dApps, and provide blockchain storage capabilities for Layer1 smart contract platforms. Currently, Arweave's third-quarter revenue exceeds $268,000, ranking first among Web3 index-related projects. [2021/11/10 6:44:06]

Data: 88,000 ETHs have been pledged to the Ethereum 2.0 contract in the past week: According to the data of the masters on the Okey Cloud Chain, the current Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract address has received 6,350,200 ETHs, accounting for 5.44% of the supply of Ethereum , 88,160 ETH were newly pledged in the past week, and the number of new pledges decreased by 48.67% month-on-month. Currently, 39,099 addresses have pledged ETH2.0, and 1,879 addresses have been added in the past week. [2021/7/19 1:01:45]

Data: Grayscale LTC Fund’s cumulative holdings are 1.334 million: According to data from KingData, Grayscale LTC Fund increased its holdings by 9,802.68 Litecoins, and the total size of the fund’s holdings became 1,333,700 LTCs. (Please note that Grayscale is not yet open for redemption, and the slight reduction may be due to the fine-tuning of the currency content-zce per share and the deduction of management fees.) For more data or KingData download, see the link in the original text. [2021/2/10 19:24:36]

Web3 venture studio Spartan Labs launches code-free NFT tool Puddle

On August 19, Spartan Labs, a Web3 venture studio supported by Spartan Group.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:36:02 PM
Analyst: Listed mining companies sold 6,200 BTC in July, less than half of the sales in June

According to news on August 16.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:28:17 PM
NFL's Houston Texans' one-game suite will accept cryptocurrency payments

Jinse Finance reported that the American professional football team (NF.

Block Chain:8/17/2022 12:32:03 PM
Polygon open source zero-knowledge proof system Plonky2

On August 16th.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:28:58 PM
WalletConnect Cloud already supports Ethereum wallet login

On August 18th.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:34:05 PM
Florida International University partners with to prepare its students for career opportunities in the crypto industry

[Florida International University cooperates with Blockchain.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:28:35 PM
KILT Protocol will migrate from Kusama relay chain to Polkadot relay chain

On August 16th, BOTLabs GmbH.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:29:22 PM
Hut 8 Mining Establishes Market Equity Plan with Discretionary Sale of $200M of Common Stock

Jinse Finance reported that Hut 8.

Block Chain:8/20/2022 12:36:52 PM
BIT Mining reassures investors as NYSE threatens delisting

Jinse Finance reported that New York Stock Exchange notified BIT Min.

Block Chain:8/20/2022 12:37:19 PM