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Federal Reserve identifies system for assessing access to fintech services



Time:8/17/2022 12:31:30 PM

[The Federal Reserve has established a system for assessing access to financial technology services] Jinse Finance reported that the US Federal Reserve has established a rating system for And crypto companies have an impact.

Last May, the Fed established guidelines for evaluating newly chartered fintech firms’ requests for accounts and payment services at the Federal Reserve Bank. It seeks to create a transparent and consistent set of factors when reviewing requests based on six principles. Following public consultation, the Fed added a supplementary measure in March to create a tiered system based on the level of risk companies pose.

The guidance is now finalized. The move, the Fed said, is expected to “result in broader scrutiny” of firms engaged in new activities in areas such as cryptocurrencies, for which the authorities are still developing an appropriate supervisory and regulatory framework. institutions will be subject to more streamlined scrutiny.

Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Lael Brainard said the new guidance provides a consistent and transparent process for evaluating requests for access to Fed accounts and payment services in support of a safe, inclusive and innovative payment system.

Other news:

The White House officially submitted Powell's nomination to the Senate for re-election as the chairman of the Federal Reserve: On December 3, the White House officially submitted Powell's nomination to the Senate for re-election as the chairman of the Federal Reserve. (Whip Cowman)[2021/12/3 12:47:37]

Fed Chairman: If inflation remains high in 2022, rate hike conditions may be met: Fed Chairman Powell said substantial progress has been made on inflation. The Fed's inflation forecasts show inflation "very modestly" above its 2% target. Inflation forecasts have risen this year and in coming years, reflecting bottlenecks and shortages that have not eased in a "meaningful way". I hope that inflation expectations will stabilize at around 2%. Fixing inflation expectations at 2% is the ultimate test. If inflation remains elevated through 2022, the Fed may be in a position to raise interest rates. (Golden Ten) [2021/9/23 16:59:32]

Fed's Mester: Inflation expected to be high in coming months, but not sustained: Fed's Mester said inflation was expected to be high in coming months, but high inflation would not last. The temporary rise in inflation caused by supply-side problems is likely to persist for about six months. (Golden Ten) [2021/4/6 19:48:20]

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