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The European Union Intellectual Property Office updates the application guidelines for NFT and virtual goods trademarks



Time:8/17/2022 12:32:07 PM

[European Union Intellectual Property Office Updates NFT and Virtual Goods Trademark Application Guidelines] Jinse Finance reported that in response to the sudden increase in trademark applications containing virtual goods and NFT-related terms, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), which is responsible for EU trademark registration, issued a guideline on virtual goods. A guide to how to categorize items and NFTs. This approach is included in the 2023 edition of the draft guidance "Main reference points for users of the EUIPO system".

EUIPO defines NFT as "a unique digital certificate registered in the blockchain for the verification of digital items, but which is different from these digital items".

According to the EUIPO, virtual goods and NFTs fall under category 9 of the Nice Classification. This is because they are considered digital content-zce or images. The terms "virtual goods" and "NFT" are not acceptable by themselves when filing an application with the EUIPO. Instead, the content-zce of the item associated with the virtual good must be specific (e.g. "virtual good, which is virtual clothing"). For NFTs, the digital item verified by the NFT must also be concrete. In the 12th edition of the Nice Classification, to be published in 2023, the term "Downloadable Digital File Verifiable by NFT" will be added to Class 9. (China Intellectual Property Protection Network)

Other news:

EU passes new bill to 'curb' big tech's domination of smaller firms: MARCH 25, March 25 (Reuters) - EU lawmakers today approved a bill that would allow hefty fines for dominant players such as Google and Amazon in a bid to meet the A "new era of technology regulation" is here.

Lawmakers say the Digital Markets Act is an important part of the EU's plan to regulate the internet, along with more targeted laws for specific innovations such as crypto assets.

The new law, designed to help small companies compete with larger ones, has drawn outrage in the United States because it primarily targets American companies.

Under rules finalized at an eight-hour meeting between lawmakers and the government on Thursday night, Google and Meta could be limited in their ability to post targeted ads, and Apple could be required to provide fair features to app developers like the iPhone. ’s near-field communication chip (NFC), while messaging services like Meta’s WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage will have to work with smaller platforms. (CoinDesk) [2022/3/25 14:18:05]

News | Zcash claims that its shielded addresses comply with EU GDPR by default: According to Blokt, on February 1, Zcash published a blog post stating that its shielded addresses comply with EU GDPR by default. According to the latest market conditions, the current global average price of ZEC is $48.27, a decrease of 0.27% in 24 hours. [2/5/2019]

EU regulators to discuss crypto regulation next week: EU regulators will meet next week to discuss regulation of cryptocurrencies. European Commission Vice President Valdis Dembrowskis told reporters on Tuesday that the meeting would involve representatives of the central bank as well as the euro zone's market watchdog. Although not naming names, Dombrovskis said "market participants" would also be invited to speak. The meeting will involve representatives of central banks and market regulators, European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis told reporters on Tuesday. While speaking on condition of anonymity, Dombrovskis said "market participants" would also be invited to speak. "Next week [February 26], I will chair a high-level roundtable on virtual currencies, where the committee invites key institutions, including central banks and regulators, as well as market participants to share their insights," he told a news conference. .”[2018/2/21]

U.S.stocks continued to fall, and the Nasdaq extended its decline to 2%

Jinse Finance reported that the market showed that U.S. stocks continued to dec.

Block Chain:8/20/2022 12:37:00 PM
The HUSD/3CRV pool on Curve has tilted, and the current price of HUSD is about 0.96 US dollars.

According to news on August 18.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:33:22 PM
EPNS introduces the SNS module for push delivery nodes, allowing developers to directly receive Web3 communications to their platforms

[EPNS introduces an SNS module for push delivery nodes.

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Flashbots announced to open source the relay code

On August 17th, Flashbots announced that it will open source the relay code.

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Rarible proposes to create a custom NFT marketplace for ApeCoin DAO.

Golden Finance reported that NFT market Rarible released a proposal to create.

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Biden signs the Inflation Cut Act, Democrats win long-awaited victory

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Manta co-founder: Tornado Cash ban could spell disaster for other privacy protocols

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Unstoppable Domains Launches Mobile App

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TRM Labs: Tornado Cash Sanctions Create New Problems for Crypto Firms Trying to Comply with US Regulations.

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BTC whale 1LQoW increased its holdings by 322 BTC today

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