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Gnosis Safe releases Token distribution proposal: 5% airdrop, half of which will be released immediately and half will be released linearly within 4 years



Time:8/19/2022 12:35:02 PM

[Gnosis Safe releases Token distribution proposal: airdrop 5%, half of which will be released immediately and half will be released linearly within 4 years] On August 18th, the digital asset management platform Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe) released a SAFE Token distribution proposal, and announced the air investment qualifications address.

The proposal shows that 5% of the total supply of SAFE (50 million pieces) will be airdropped to users, half of which will be released immediately, and the other half will be released linearly within 4 years. The proposal is still seeking community feedback.

In terms of airdrop distribution conditions, only the Ethereum mainnet and Safes created before February 9, 2022 are considered; only Safes that have performed at least 2 operations or 10 ETH before GIP-29 are considered; each Safe gets a minimum of 400 SAFE .

Other news:

MakerDAO has passed a public opinion vote to support the addition of GNO as a collateral asset: According to official sources, MakerDAO has now passed a public opinion vote to support the addition of GnosisDAO governance token GNO as a collateral asset, and will launch an executive vote afterwards. [2022/11/25 12:34:01]

The multi-signature wallet Gnosis Safe is launched on Arbitrum, the second-layer solution of Ethereum: On October 13th, Arbitrum, the second-layer solution of Ethereum, announced that the multi-signature wallet Gnosis Safe was launched on Arbitrum One. Gnosis Safe currently supports Ethereum mainnet, xDai, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Energy Web Chain, and testnets Rinkeby and Volta. [2021/10/13 20:25:26]

Dynamics | Gnosis-funded Ethereum zero-programming automation tool Gelato launches Alpha version: The Gelato team funded by the Gnosis Ecological Fund and Meta Cartel officially released the first tool Gelato Finance, which is an automation program based on Ethereum that can be created without programming. tool. According to the official statement, the goal of Gelata is to help users automate tasks based on the Ethereum platform around the clock. In short, users can create their own Ethereum bots through Gelato, which will perform interactions with other applications for you. In principle, you can use this bot to access any decentralized application without writing any code. Gelato Finance is the first tool displayed by Gelato, and it is still in the early alpha stage. The official reminder is that although the tool is currently available, it has not yet been audited. At present, some functions can be experienced on Gelato Finance, such as: according to the price of Kyber, go to Fulcrum to trade; trade with market price orders on Kyber every day; when the balance of Dai in the wallet is close to 0, automatically transfer a limited amount of funds to the wallet every month And many other scenes. [2020/2/5]

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