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Australian Securities Exchange ASX completes trial of tokenized asset trading



Time:8/16/2022 12:28:48 PM

[Australian Securities Exchange ASX Completes Trial of Tokenized Asset Trading] News on August 16, listed companies on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) can trade tokens after a successful proof-of-concept trial led by digital asset investment platform Zerocap bonds, stocks, funds or carbon credits. Zerocap said that as part of its ASX and pilot program, it had successfully used Synfini to bridge its custody infrastructure to the platform, allowing trading and liquidation of ethereum-based tokenized assets. In the trial, Zerocap provided clients with access to ASX’s DLT infrastructure, data custody and ledger services, allowing them to build blockchain applications on top of it.

It is reported that Synfini is ASX's settlement project based on distributed ledger technology (DLT). The project was launched in November last year, but Synfini is independent of the blockchain-based CHESS system alternative that ASX has repeatedly delayed. (Cointelegraph)

Other news:

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Sound|Australia DTA: There are better technologies than blockchain: According to newsbtc, the Australian Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) told the Senate: Existing applications using blockchain technology are better than blockchain technological substitution. It is reported that the agency received 700,000 Australian dollars from Australia's 2018-19 budget to explore blockchain technology for efficient government services. [2018/10/25]

Australian digital currency exchange Blockbid will release a Beta version: According to Cryptovest, Blockbid will launch a beta version of its product on April 16, becoming the third digital currency trading platform legally approved by Australian intelligence agencies. [2018/4/16]

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