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Digital Ocean customer emails leaked due to Mailchimp security issue



Time:8/16/2022 12:29:14 PM

[Digital Ocean's Emails of Customers Leaked Due to Mailchimp Security Issues] Jinse Finance reported that cloud infrastructure provider Digital Ocean said that due to the recent "security incident" of email marketing company Mailchimp, some customers' email addresses were leaked.

Tyler Healy, head of security at DigitalOcean, said the company discovered that its Mailchimp account had been compromised on August 8 after it discovered that its emails, such as account confirmations and password resets sent through Mailchimp, had stopped being sent to its customers. Its investigation found that DigitalOcean's Mailchimp account was suspended without warning or explanation. An automated email from Mailchimp said the account had been temporarily disabled due to a violation of the Terms of Service. Mailchimp sent the same message to others working in the crypto industry, fueling speculation that the company had removed encrypted content-zce creators from its service.

Meanwhile, Healy said DigitalOcean's security team was informed by one of its customers who claimed their password had been reset without their consent.

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Encryption infrastructure start-up Cion Digital completed $12 million in financing, led by Green Visor Capital and others: On January 4, encryption infrastructure start-up CionDigital announced the completion of a $12 million seed round of financing, which was jointly led by GreenVisorCapital and 645Ventures , CotaCapital, Epic Ventures, Hourglass Capital Partners, BAT Ventures, Greycroft and Ulu Ventures participated in the investment. Funds from this round of financing will be used to expand the size of its team, launch an infrastructure platform, and set up a research and development center in Pune, India.

CionDigital is an encryption infrastructure start-up company. The initial version of the company's platform is expected to be launched in the first quarter of this year. The platform aims to help companies or organizations such as traditional financial institutions and registered investment advisory firms provide encryption services. [2022/1/4 8:25:03]

POMC, a luxury car dealer in Houston, USA, cooperates with NYDIG to support car purchases with bitcoin loans: On October 29, Post Oak Motor Cars (POMC), a luxury car dealer in Houston, USA, announced a new partnership with NYDIG, a financial services company, to transfer Bitcoin Bitcoin is integrated into its business operations, providing customers with a complete set of Bitcoin services, including custody and lending. The partnership will allow POMC customers to buy luxury cars with loans secured by collateralizing BTC, and enable employees to allocate part of their salaries to Bitcoin. POMC also announced that it has sold its first luxury car, the Rolls Royce Ghost, which was loaned out with Bitcoin. Buyers use the BTC they hold with NYDIG to finance their car purchase loan. (Bitcoin Magazine) [2021/10/29 6:19:30]

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