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The supply percentage of BTC that has been active-zce for more than 2 years has reached a 9-month high



Time:8/16/2022 12:28:22 PM

[The percentage of BTC supply that has been active-zce for more than 2 years recently reached a nine-month high] Golden Finance reported that according to Glassnode data, the percentage of BTC supply that has been active-zce for more than two years has reached a nine-month high, with a percentage of 44.866%.

Other news:

AOFEX perpetual contract: 24H turnover of 970 million USDT BTC thousands of times the number of contracts is dominant: AOFEX transaction big data shows that as of 10:00 today, the transaction volume of perpetual contract reached 970 million USDT, of which ETH/USDT perpetual contract transactions The volume is 194 million, and the current price is 448.3 USDT. The trading volume of BTC/USDT perpetual contract is 332 million, and the current quotation is 15960.5USDT. The trading volume of BTC thousand times contracts is 101 million, and the ratio of long and short positions is 1.22. The number of long positions in the market is temporarily dominant.

AOFEX digital currency financial derivatives exchange aims to provide users with high-quality services and asset security. [2020/11/16 20:55:54]

The number of addresses holding more than 0.1 BTC has increased by 14% compared with last year: Jinse Finance reported that Rafael Schultze-Kraft, co-founder of the blockchain research platform Glassnode, said that there are now more than 3 million Bitcoin addresses holding at least 0.1 BTC. BTC. Compared to today a year ago, the number of addresses has increased by 14%. [2020/5/20]

The 24-hour BTC network-wide contract transaction data shows that the short side has a slight advantage: According to the data of the contract emperor, the proportion of long positions in the BTC network-wide contract transaction volume in the last 24 hours is 49.64%, and the proportion of short positions is 50.36%. Among mainstream contract exchanges, Huobi’s quarterly long position ratio is 49.88%, and its short position ratio is 50.12%; OKEx’s quarterly long position ratio is 49.91%, and its short position ratio is 50.09%; It was 51.47%. [2020/3/29]

Guotai Junan: Injecting fresh blood into the internationalization of RMB, digital currency will have great potential

[Guotai Junan: Injecting fresh blood into the internationalization of RMB.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:33:00 PM
Data: Nigeria's CBDC eNaira has completed a total of nearly 10 million US dollars in transactions.

According to news on August 19.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:36:34 PM launched the first takeaway milk tea digital collection in Shanghai

Jinse Finance reported that during this year's "May 5 Shopping Festiva.

Block Chain:8/17/2022 12:30:23 PM
The three major U.S.stock indexes collectively closed down, with the S&P 500 down 0.72%

[The three major U.S. stock indexes closed down collectively.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:32:44 PM
Zora, Context, and jointly launched the NFT whitelist tool Lanyard

On August 18th, the NFT trading market Zora.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:32:57 PM
Metaverse virtual real estate will record growth of US$5.37 billion by 2026

[Metaverse Virtual Real Estate will record growth of US$5.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:33:05 PM
WhaleAlert: 1000 BTC transferred from Coinbase to Binance

Golden Finance News, according to WhaleAlert data, 1,000 BTC (approximately $21,992.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:35:48 PM
Tech industry consortium runs CBDC pilot with sterling stablecoin

Jinse Finance reported that a cross-industry alliance has launched in the.

Block Chain:8/17/2022 12:31:45 PM
The total value of zkSync bridge storage exceeds 160,000 ETH

Jinse Finance reported that according to data from Dune Analytics.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:34:37 PM