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Fed Minutes: At 'some point' it would be appropriate to slow the pace of rate hikes



Time:8/18/2022 12:32:48 PM

August 18 news, the Federal Reserve meeting minutes showed that participants agreed that future interest rate hikes will depend on the information obtained, and that in "At some point" it would be appropriate to slow down the pace of rate hikes.

In addition, the minutes of the Fed meeting showed that many Fed officials saw the risk of tightening monetary policy more than necessary.

Other news:

Morgan Stanley CEO: The Fed is expected to raise interest rates 4 times in 2022, each time by 25 basis points: According to news on March 8, Morgan Stanley CEO believes that "the Fed must raise interest rates, and the Fed does not want the economy to fall into a crisis." Recession. If it puts the economy in recession, it's going to stagflation, which is really bad. The Fed was absolutely planning to raise rates by 50 points, but it's not going to. I'd be shocked if they raised rates by 50 points because The Fed cannot invest courage in an environment of uncertainty. I think the Fed will raise rates very methodically. The worst thing that can happen is the war situation recedes, the world returns to some kind of normal, inflation is staying high, and the Fed does Not enough. This is the tricky part. (Jin Ten) [2022/3/8 13:44:09]

Institutional analysis: The September non-agricultural employment report will determine the Fed's reduction arrangements: The FOMC meeting in September hinted that the Fed will almost certainly announce a reduction plan in November. One underweight condition that has not yet been met is "substantial progress" in improving the job market. Next week's non-farm payrolls report will be the decisive data point. Economic Research expects next week's report to show nonfarm payrolls rising by more than 750,000. With job openings topping 10 million, even a fraction of those receiving unemployment insurance rejoining the labor force could provide a significant boost to employment numbers for September and the months ahead. Unless next week's non-farm payrolls report disappoints, showing an increase of less than 240,000, the improvement in the labor market before November will not meet the criteria of "substantial progress", according to calculations. (Golden Ten) [2021/10/3 17:21:39]

Opinion: Stop funding the Fed and buy Bitcoin to fix everything: Bitcoin proponent and financial analyst Max Keiser tweeted that Bitcoin can be used as a means of protest. When talking about the current protests in the United States, Max Keiser mentioned that many people have recently called on Twitter to suspend funding for the police, but this is meaningless because "bankers" can also hire mercenaries. Protect themselves and their wealth.

Instead, Keiser proposes another way out — stop funding the Fed, buy Bitcoin, and get rid of the “violently backed” dollar. Keiser also said that bitcoin is already a "harder" currency than gold, given the time it takes for the bitcoin network to generate a new block. (U.Today)[2020/6/8]

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Jinse Finance reported that according to data from Dune Analytics.

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August 16 news, recently.

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On August 19th, Swyftx.

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South Korean authorities block KuCoin and other 16 unregistered digital asset operators

According to news on August 18.

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