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The blockchain racing game of Animoca Brands subsidiary received financial support from Epic Games



Time:8/19/2022 12:35:29 PM

[Blockchain racing game of Animoca Brands subsidiary receives financial support from Epic Games] Jinse Finance reported that Australian independent game developer Grease Monkey Games, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has received financial support from gaming giant Epic Games to develop a new game based on Blockchain racing game Torque Drift 2.

Grease Monkey Games has received funding from the Epic MegaGrant program, which will allow the company to make the most immersive and realistic racing game to date, according to an Aug. 18 announcement from Animoca Brands. (Cointelegraph)

Other news:

FriesDAO was attacked due to the Profanity vulnerability and lost about $2.3 million: Jinse Finance reported that according to CertiK monitoring, FriesDAO was attacked today and lost about $2.3 million because the attacker gained control of the wallet of the protocol operator— — Appears to be due to a bug in the Profanity wallet generator that would force the use of private keys for addresses generated by the tool.

1. After gaining access to the operator’s wallet, the attacker withdrew $FRIES from the DAO’s funding wallet and sold it on Uniswap for wETH.

2. The attacker withdraws funds from the staking pool using the function governanceRecoverUnsupported() that can only be called by operator addresses.

3. The attacker eventually converts all funds into DAI.

As of this writing, the value of the wallet storing the stolen funds is approximately $2.325 million.

FriesDAO confirmed the attack in the official Discord channel, stating that the wallet addresses were indeed generated with Profanity.

Official developers are currently attempting to negotiate with the attackers, negotiating a white hat bounty in exchange for the return of the stolen funds.

The attack could have been prevented because the Profanity vulnerability, which was responsible for an attack on market maker Wintermute where more than $160 million was stolen, had been made public for over a month.

CertiK calls on all Web 3.0 projects that have used Profanity tools to immediately transfer control of all assets in affected wallets to securely generated addresses. [2022/10/28 11:52:27]

Micro Cash Flow Investing App Amasa Partners with Animoca Brands: On March 21, micro cash flow investing app Amasa announced a partnership with Animoca Brands. The cooperation between the two parties will enable users to seamlessly integrate the aggregation, tracking and investment income links in P2E, while increasing the profit potential of Web3. [2022/3/21 14:09:17]

Encrypted derivatives exchange Bybit appoints Daniel Lim as general counsel: On March 10th, cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bybit announced today the appointment of Daniel Lim as general counsel. According to reports, Lim is a veteran of the banking and financial industry with more than 20 years of experience. He will be in charge of Bybit's global compliance affairs and supervise the company's legal team. Before joining Bybit, Lim worked as a legal and compliance director in an international investment bank in Singapore. (MediaOutReach) [2021/3/10 18:31:45]

Australian cryptocurrency trading platform Swyftx announced layoffs of 21%

On August 19th, Swyftx.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:36:03 PM
South Korean authorities block KuCoin and other 16 unregistered digital asset operators

According to news on August 18.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:33:26 PM
Arbitrum Hires Andrew Saunders as Its First Chief Marketing Officer

Jinse Finance reported that Arbitrum has hired Andrew Saunders.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:29:18 PM
Zuckerberg: The Meta universe application Horizon Worlds is officially launched in France and Spain

Jinse Finance reported that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Block Chain:8/17/2022 12:30:05 PM
Japan's Monex Group will close its encryption mining business in Russia

Jinse Finance reported that, according to Watcher.Guru's tweet.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:35:50 PM
The weekly trading volume of NFT hit a new low, below 153,000 ETH for 13 consecutive weeks

On August 18, according to Nansen data.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:33:45 PM
Data: Binance minted 45,355,455 BUSD

Jinse Finance reported that according to WhaleAlert data, Binance minted 45,355.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:36:13 PM
Bloomberg: Cryptocurrency custodian BitGo may choose IPO

Jinse Finance News.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:28:46 PM
OCC Joins Baton Systems' DLT Derivatives Collateral Management System

Jinze Finance reported that Baton Systems announced that it will add the Opt.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:34:17 PM