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Private multi-signature protocol Nucleo has started internal testing on Aztec Network



Time:8/16/2022 12:28:18 PM

[Private multi-signature protocol Nucleo has started internal testing on Aztec Network] Golden Finance News, Nucleo official blog stated that the private multi-signature protocol Nucleo has started internal testing on the ZKRollup-based privacy and expansion solution Aztec Network, using multi-signature and Zero-knowledge cryptography technology allows users to conduct private transactions, private DeFi, private fundraising and other operations by viewing the keys, and is auditable. (

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DCG Founder: Central Banks Can Safely Invest in Bitcoin Through BlackRock’s Bitcoin Private Trust: Golden Finance reported that Barry Silbert, founder of Digital Currency Group, said that with BlackRock’s Bitcoin Trust, global central banks now have a An easy and safe way to invest in Bitcoin. In his tweet following the launch of the Bitcoin Private Trust on Thursday, Barry brought up interesting facts about BlackRock’s business relationship with central banks, suggesting that central banks may soon start investing in Bitcoin. BlackRock is the world's largest asset fund manager, with about $9 trillion in assets for institutional clients, including central banks. (cryptoslate) [2022/8/12 12:19:38]

OneCoin Crypto Scam Cited in FBI Report on Private Money Laundering Risks: Cryptocurrency scam OneCoin was featured in a recently leaked FBI report on money laundering risks for private investment funds. The announcement, dated May 1, noted that criminals and U.S. foreign adversaries \"may\" use hedge funds, private equity and other investment vehicles to circumvent financial institutions' anti-money laundering (AML) procedures. One of the four examples given by the FBI analyst involved a "fraudulent cryptocurrency investment scheme." While the plan was never mentioned, the story told in the announcement bears a striking resemblance to the OneCoin case. (coindesk)[2020/7/15]

The new US SEC proposal may allow private companies to raise funds through STO: The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a proposal earlier this month, including amending the rules for raising capital for early-stage startups. If the proposal is passed, it hopes to pass securitization Private companies that raise capital through token offerings (STOs) may comply with U.S. regulations. At the same time, the upper limit of securities issuance that companies can conduct in accordance with the Reg A+ rules will be increased from US$50 million to US$75 million, and the upper limit of securities crowdfunding will be increased from US$1 million to US$5 million. At the same time, the proposal would put into practice the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act introduced in 2012, allowing companies to raise funds from the public without registering as a public company. Blockstack CEO Muneeb Ali, who has raised $23 million in accordance with Reg A + rules, said, "The US Securities and Exchange Commission also recognizes that the world is changing and will adapt to this change, which is very good and healthy." [2020/ 3/16]

Zuckerberg: The Meta universe application Horizon Worlds is officially launched in France and Spain

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Block Chain:8/17/2022 12:30:05 PM
Japan's Monex Group will close its encryption mining business in Russia

Jinse Finance reported that, according to Watcher.Guru's tweet.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:35:50 PM
The weekly trading volume of NFT hit a new low, below 153,000 ETH for 13 consecutive weeks

On August 18, according to Nansen data.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:33:45 PM
Data: Binance minted 45,355,455 BUSD

Jinse Finance reported that according to WhaleAlert data, Binance minted 45,355.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:36:13 PM
Bloomberg: Cryptocurrency custodian BitGo may choose IPO

Jinse Finance News.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:28:46 PM
OCC Joins Baton Systems' DLT Derivatives Collateral Management System

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Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:34:17 PM
U.S.President Joe Biden signs the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

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Web3 social platform Blockify completes $2.2 million in seed round financing

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Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:34:35 PM
Data: The balance of Bitcoin miners reached a one-month low

Jinse Finance reported that Glassnode data shows that the Bitcoin miners’ balance hit a one-mo.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:35:59 PM
Helio protocol announces rebrand as Destablecoin lending protocol.

On August 19.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:36:39 PM
Tether's latest audit report: it has $66.4 billion in reserves

On August 19th.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:36:34 PM