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Hive Blockchain Q1 produced 821 BTC and 7675 ETH, with a net loss of $95.3 million



Time:8/18/2022 12:33:58 PM

[Hive Blockchain Q1 output of 821 BTC and 7675 ETH net loss of 95.3 million US dollars] Golden Finance News, according to the official announcement, the encryption mining company Hive Blockchain’s revenue for the first quarter ending June 30, 2022 was 44.2 million US dollars , an increase of 13% year-on-year. In the quarter, Hive Blockchain mined 1,338 bitcoin equivalents, including 821 bitcoins and 7,675 ethereums. HIVE’s total digital currency output increased by 7% quarter-on-quarter, of which bitcoin output increased by 4%, and ethereum output increased by 20%. Net loss for the quarter ended June 30 was $95.3 million, primarily due to higher non-cash charges such as depreciation, unrealized valuation losses on digital currencies and investments, and impairment charges on equipment and equipment deposits. As of June 30, Hive Blockchain held $71.4 million in digital currency assets.

Other news:

Canadian mining company HIVE Blockchain appointed Aydin Kilic as president and chief operating officer: On August 19, Canadian mining company HIVE Blockchain announced that it had appointed Aydin Kilic as president and chief operating officer. He will report to Executive Chairman Frank Holmes and also oversee all operational activities at the facilities in Canada, Iceland and Sweden. It is reported that Aydin Kilic has expertise in cryptocurrencies, capital markets, real estate development, and scientific research. He founded the bitcoin mining company Fortress Blockchain Corp in 2017. (Yahoo Finance) [2021/8/19 22:24:27]

Listed Mining Company Hive Blockchain Acquires Two Bitcoin Mining Facilities Including 50 MW Data Center Campus: Vancouver, Canada-based Public Mining Company Hive Blockchain Acquires Two Bitcoin Mining Facilities in New Brunswick, Canada . Among them, Hive has signed an agreement to acquire a data center park in New Brunswick, Canada. Hive has acquired GPU, and subsidiary GPU Atlantic Inc. owns a 50-megawatt data center campus in Grand Falls, eastern Canada.

Frank Holmes, executive chairman of Hive, said that the acquisition provides the company with full ownership of a state-of-the-art technology and operational bitcoin mining data center, the ability to deploy next-generation bitcoin mining hardware, and access to the lowest electricity costs in the industry. (DCD) [2021/2/26 17:57:03]

News | HIVE Blockchain and Argo Blockchain reached a partnership: According to newswire reports, HIVE Blockchain announced that it has signed a non-binding letter of intent with Argo Blockchain to reach an equity exchange agreement and explore the proposed strategic partnership to create a large-scale enterprise-oriented and mining service providers for institutional clients. The proposed strategic partnership will enable all miners to benefit from the combined existing mining capabilities of both groups. [2019/5/13]

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Snoop Dogg's son Champ Medici joins Cardano NFT project Clay Nation

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Unlockd received $4.4 million in seed round financing led by Blockchain Capital

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