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IRS issues subpoena to crypto trader SFOX for potential tax evaders



Time:8/17/2022 12:30:08 PM

[US IRS issued subpoena to crypto trader SFOX to find potential tax evaders] Golden Finance reported that the U.S. court ruled on Monday that the IRS can issue a "John Doe" subpoena to SFOX, a major cryptocurrency trader, allowing the tax agency to search-zce for potential tax evaders. potential tax evaders of the company's transactional services. The John Doe subpoena means the IRS does not know the specific identity of the potential tax evader. SFOX itself has not been accused of violating any laws. The IRS, which collects capital gains taxes on every transaction, has previously issued such subpoenas to companies like Kraken and Circle, often when it wants to confirm that the recipient's customers are reporting their taxes correctly.

The subpoena will ask for information about any "U.S. taxpayer who conducted a cryptocurrency transaction equivalent to at least $20,000 with or through SFOX between 2016 and 2021," and SFOX will be required to share information about those users and any information on their transactions. Record.

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U.S. Senators Urge Treasury Secretary Yellen to Take Action Against Cryptocurrency Scams to Protect Investors: U.S. Senator Rick Scott has sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Jenet Yellen expressing concern over the growing number of scams involving cryptocurrencies. The value of cryptocurrencies has dropped dramatically over the past few weeks, while reports of scams and fraud have skyrocketed. This is an unregulated industry, and the staggering amount of criminal activity surrounding cryptocurrencies calls for action.

The senator asked how the administration plans to "protect consumers and legitimate investors from widespread cryptocurrency fraud," and how the Treasury Department will "identify, deter, and prevent fraudulent and fraudulent initial coin offerings and the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in U.S. financial markets." Fraud". He also asked about “the administration’s plans to address any legal or regulatory uncertainty that could lead to an unnecessarily turbulent environment for cryptocurrency development and sales” and what “additional steps” Congress should take. (News.Bitcoin)[2021/5/31 22:57:41]

American rap superstar Snoop Dogg will launch its first NFT series: Jinse Finance reported that American rap superstar Snoop Dogg will launch its first NFT series on, titled "Traveling with Dogg". These NFTs will be launched at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time on April 2nd (7:00 a.m. Beijing time on April 3rd) and will only be available for 24 hours. A total of eight NFTs will be sold in a limited number, one of which will be auctioned off, and the other "Snoop Dogge Coin" will be an open version for one hour only. A portion of the proceeds will go to support young emerging artists in the crypto space as well as Snoop’s youth rugby league. [2021/3/31 19:31:31]

Voice | American investment guru: If the United States bans Bitcoin, it may weaken the growth of the ecosystem: American investor and Wall Street legend Jim O'Shaughnessy recently shared his Bitcoin journey on the What Bitcoin Do podcast, and also revealed Some of the trigger points that will help the global adoption of Bitcoin. O'Shaughnessy highlighted America's history of taking a more "tolerant approach" to all things including culture and technology. Personally, he said, "I'm fascinated by things like bitcoin. I see a lot of challenges, and there's a precedent in history where it's illegal to own gold in the US. If people find out you're carrying gold, you would go to jail. So, I’m extending that thinking to Bitcoin.” He highlighted the U.S. government’s status as the world’s largest economy, speculating that if the government decides to make Bitcoin illegal, it could weaken the ecosystem as a whole. increase. On the other hand, there are encryption supporters who believe that in this case, the growth of Bitcoin will not be affected, but will only be transferred overseas. (AMBCrypto) [2019/11/13]

Security Team: The rugpullfinder Discord server has been compromised

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Block Chain:8/17/2022 12:30:59 PM
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Hyundai will add bitcoin and cryptocurrency data to its asset management platform

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Robinhood cuts Ziglu offer to $72.5M from $170M

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The gains of the three major U.S.stock indexes expanded, and the Dow rose by more than 1%

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Data: In the past 24 hours, the entire network has exploded over 400 million US dollars, and the bitcoin liquidation has reached 133 million US dollars

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Whitepay launches encrypted payment service in Ukrainian tech store

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