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Stader: If the attacker returns all funds by August 23rd, a $150,000 bounty will be offered.



Time:8/19/2022 12:36:33 PM

[Stader: If the attacker returns all funds before August 23, a reward of $150,000 will be offered] On August 19, the staking platform Stader tweeted that if the attacker contacted via and at UTC time Return all funds by 16:00 on August 23rd and a bounty of $150,000 will be offered to avoid legal action. Stader said the funds stolen by the hackers belonged to StaderNEAR users and is pursuing the matter with law firms and law enforcement.

According to previous news, the NearX smart contract vulnerability of the pledge platform Stader was exploited, and LP lost about 165,000 NEAR.

Other news:

StarkWare releases recursive proofs to support bundling of NFT minting transactions: Jinse Finance reported that blockchain scaling solution provider StarkWare announced the launch of recursive proofs, which can bundle tens of millions of NFT minting transactions off-chain to help simplify transactions on the Ethereum chain deal with. However, Eli Ben-Sasson, president and co-founder of StarkWare, said that there are currently no "tens of millions" of NFT coins put into a single recursive proof, but the technology is in place. Currently, StarkWare's StarkEx expansion engine and StarkNet have enabled recursive proofs. . (coindesk) [2022/8/16 12:27:32] Startup's first project ELON has been successfully subscribed: According to the official announcement, Startup's first project Dogelon Mars (ELON) has been successfully subscribed, and ELON transactions will be opened at 12:00 on May 21, 2021, followed by cash withdrawal services. It is reported that the number of participants in this subscription is 13,075, the total value of the order exceeds 10 million US dollars, and the subscription coefficient is about 0.0040. will distribute ELON according to each person's order status and the subscription coefficient of each order currency. Please note: Some users are excluded from placing orders because they did not maintain sufficient funds in their accounts not less than the subscription amount after placing an order for subscription and before 12:00 of the day. [2021/5/21 22:28:27]

News | Rich businessman Eike Batista was arrested by the federal police on suspicion of money laundering through BTC: According to cointelegraph, rich businessman Eike Batista was arrested by the federal police on suspicion of money laundering through BTC. There is evidence that Batista used his wife’s name and account to ensure that criminal products or income. It is reported that "Forbes" previously listed Batista as the seventh richest person in the world. [2019/8/9]

South Korean Nonghyup Bank completed the CBDC simulation test, and its blockchain platform integrates Ethereum and Hyperledger technologies

[Nonghyup Bank of Korea completed the CBDC simulation test.

Block Chain:8/17/2022 12:31:15 PM
Data: The number of addresses holding more than 1 ETH reached a one-month low.

Jinse Finance reported that Glassnode data shows that the number of.

Block Chain:8/20/2022 12:37:17 PM
Fed meeting: 'little evidence' that inflationary pressures are fading

According to news on August 18.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:32:35 PM
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has a negative premium rate of 32.98%

On August 18th, according to the data on the Tokenview chain.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:33:38 PM
Animoca's game developer Grease Monkey Games received Epic Mega Grant financial support

It was reported on August 19 that Grease Monkey.

Block Chain:8/19/2022 12:36:11 PM
Data: 1,6657 BTC transferred from unknown wallet to Xapo

Jinse Finance reported that WhaleAlert data showed that 1.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:28:19 PM
Data: Binance minted 104,977,725 BUSD

Jinse Finance reported that according to Whale Alert data, Binance minted 104,977.

Block Chain:8/20/2022 12:36:46 PM