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Blockworks: The Ethereum merger will happen around September 15th or 16th.



Time:8/12/2022 12:19:42 PM

[Blockworks: The merger of Ethereum will be carried out on September 15th or 16th] On August 12th, Blockworks issued a document stating that the merger of Ethereum will be carried out on September 15th or 16th.

Other news:

Blockchain analysis platform BlockSeer launches BTC mining pool application configuration encryption blacklist: On November 12th, the blockchain analysis platform BlockSeer has released a private beta version of the new Bitcoin mining pool, which can review blacklisted wallets. trade. The blacklists cited come from BlockSeer and Walletscore label data, as well as other verified data sources, such as the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) encrypted blacklist. (Cointelegraph) [2020/11/12 14:06:01]

Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer: People who can't handle price fluctuations don't deserve to own Bitcoin: Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer Samson Mow just tweeted that if you can't handle Bitcoin's $1,000 price fluctuations, you don't deserve to own $100,000 in Bitcoin. [2020/8/2]

News | SEC reviews Riot Blockchain: Riot Blockchain, a blockchain concept company transformed from a biotech company, submitted its second-quarter financial report to the SEC on Tuesday. It is reported that the SEC is reviewing the company’s registration materials and the digital currency payment in the acquisition of a minority stake in Canada’s Coinsquare. In this regard, Riot Blockchain stated that it is communicating with the SEC and actively cooperating with relevant review work. [2018/8/16]

The Australian Securities Exchange has invested $150 million in a blockchain stock settlement system

Jinse Finance reported that according to the Au.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:34:21 PM
The total fee income of NFT market Rarible exceeded 15 million US dollars

Jinse Finance reported that according to Dune Analytics data.

Block Chain:8/18/2022 12:34:38 PM
The Tornado Cash DAO website is now offline.

Jinse Finance reported that, according to Watcher.Guru tweets.

Block Chain:8/13/2022 12:22:44 PM
Data: Hackers have stolen $1.4 billion through cross-chain bridge breaches since the beginning of the year

Jinse Finance reported that according to data.

Block Chain:8/11/2022 12:18:52 PM
Data: In the past 24 hours, the entire network has lost 240 million US dollars, and Ethereum has lost 89.14 million US dollars.

[Data: USD 240 million in the entire network in the past 24 hours.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:25:45 PM
The Ethereum network has currently destroyed more than 2.5849 million ETH

Jinse Finance reported that according to Ultrasound data, up to now.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:25:10 PM
Lisk announced the launch of the blockchain donation program

Jinse Finance reported that Lisk said that Lisk provides developers with tools to conve.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:21:15 PM
Tornado Cash deposits down 79% after sanctions were imposed

Jinse Finance reported that, according to The Block Research data.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:19:51 PM
US judge says Robinhood will face market manipulation claims

Jinse Finance reported that a U.S.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:20:12 PM