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Blockchain game developer Fracture Labs launched the original Token DIO pledge pool



Time:8/15/2022 12:26:13 PM

[Blockchain game developer Fracture Labs launches native Token DIO staking pool] Jinse Finance reported that blockchain game developer Fracture Labs announced the launch of a DIO staking pool. DIO is the native Token of its Solana chain game Decimated. , and Huobi and other trading platforms are listed. According to previous reports, Fracture Labs received $3.5 million in financing from Alameda Research, Huobi Ventures and others in November last year. (cryptodaily)

Other news:

Hunan: Vigorously promote digital industrialization and accelerate the construction of blockchain technology innovation system: On December 12, Hunan Province's "14th Five-Year Plan" and the proposals for the long-term goal of 2035 were officially released. The "Suggestions" proposed to vigorously promote digital industrialization , develop and expand the electronic information manufacturing industry, accelerate the development of Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other industries, strengthen and optimize the software service industry, and expand the application scenarios of the new generation of information technology. Promote the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure, promote the large-scale coverage of 5G across the province, accelerate the large-scale deployment of the next-generation Internet, and build a national first-class artificial intelligence computing power facility. Promote the construction of integrated and integrated infrastructure, promote the intelligent application of various scenarios, and improve energy storage facilities, new energy vehicle charging piles, swap stations and vehicle-road coordination infrastructure. Accelerate the construction of the blockchain technology innovation system, build a scientific infrastructure cluster supported by large facilities such as Tianhe computer, quantum computing, synchrotron radiation light source, P3 laboratory, video cultural creation, and emerging industry innovation facilities. [2020/12/12 14:59:27]

Live | Former Bank of China President Li Lihui: The bottleneck of the large-scale application of blockchain has not yet been broken through. The legal definition of digital assets must be clarified: Jinse Finance live report. On the afternoon of September 25th, the Bund Conference Blockchain Industry Summit opened in Shanghai. Li Lihui, the blockchain team leader of the Internet Finance Association of China and the former president of the Bank of China, shared the theme of "Building a Digital Society of Mutual Trust and Interconnection". He said that the application of blockchain technology has its obvious advantages. For example, it can build a financial service model in which large, medium and small financial institutions participate together; it can realize the link between public services and share services; it can aggregate in discrete structures and establish trust mechanisms, etc. .

At the same time, Li Lihui pointed out that the bottleneck of large-scale and reliable application of blockchain technology has not yet been broken through, and it is still in the most important period of development and opportunity. For example, there are obvious shortcomings in the field of software development; the construction of standardization in the blockchain field has just started, and we need to pay close attention to the construction of security standards and financial standard paradigms in the blockchain field; legally, we should clarify the legal definition of digital assets. The validity of the contract, the responsible subject and its code of conduct under the distributed architecture, etc.; finally, it is necessary to establish a global competitive advantage in the field of digital economy. [2020/9/25]

Voice | Ding Fang: Blockchain technology is a powerful boosting force for China's cultural and art industry: According to China Economic Net, on November 30, the China Cultural Relics Exchange Center, the National Foreign Cultural Trade Base (Beijing), and the Yellow River Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Zhongke Soft Technology Co., Ltd. and Yipai Global (Beijing) Technology and Trade Co., Ltd., relying on blockchain and big data applications, the cultural relics and artwork insurance cooperation project based on the new scientific valuation standard system is in the country The foreign cultural trade base was officially launched. Ding Fang, dean of the Renaissance Research Institute of Renmin University of China, said, "The application of blockchain technology in the art industry can be used in the confirmation of rights, authenticity, traceability, decentralization, and de-intermediation. It works, and the results are open and transparent, irreversible. This can avoid opacity and fraud, and can greatly save the cost of art transactions, which is a powerful booster for China’s cultural and art industry.” [2019/12/1].

Dubai established a digital asset business group to focus on strengthening the digital asset industry

Jinse Finance reported that recently.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:26:35 PM
Data: AUSD rises to $0.96 range and basically restores anchoring

Jinse Finance reported that according to the latest data.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:28:10 PM
The number of BTC profit addresses reached a 3-month high

Jinse Finance News, according to Glassnode data.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:25:14 PM
Report: The number of people working in the blockchain field has climbed nearly 80% year-on-year.

[Report: The number of people working in the blockchain field has climbed by nearly 80% year-on-year.

Block Chain:8/13/2022 12:22:40 PM
Web3 game platform Tegro launched a $1 million developer grant program

On August 14th.

Block Chain:8/14/2022 12:24:13 PM
Bitcoin mining revenue increased by 68.63% compared to the lowest revenue day in 2022

Jinse Finance reported that the Bitcoin (BTC) mining industry has.

Block Chain:8/13/2022 12:23:18 PM
Nexus Mutual will deposit 29 million USD in ETH to Maple Finance

On August 12th.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:21:45 PM
Coinbase CEO: Sanctioning a technology is a bad precedent, we will abide by the law

[Coinbase CEO: Sanctioning a technology is a bad precedent.

Block Chain:8/15/2022 12:26:17 PM