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Beijing released the first special support policy for the digital human industry in China



Time:8/14/2022 12:24:29 PM

[Beijing releases the first special support policy for the digital human industry in China] On August 14th, according to the website of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, during the 2022 Global Digital Economy Conference, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology issued the "Beijing Promotion of Digital Human Industry Innovation and Development Action Plan (2022-2025)".

According to reports, since the second half of 2021, the popularity of the Internet 3.0 industry has continued to increase, becoming a hot spot for innovation in the global industry and investment circles, covering digital people, digital space, digital objects, digital assets and other fields. Digital human is an anthropomorphic application in digital form, which runs through the core technology system of Internet 3.0, and has a relatively clear path to commercial implementation, and is one of the subdivisions of Internet 3.0 that will soon be implemented.

It is understood that the "Action Plan" is the first special support policy for the digital human industry issued in China. It is proposed that by 2025, the scale of Beijing's digital human industry will exceed 50 billion yuan, and one or two top digital companies with revenues exceeding 5 billion yuan will be cultivated. 10 key digital human companies with a revenue exceeding 1 billion yuan; build 10 school-enterprise co-construction laboratories and enterprise technology innovation centers; build more than 5 common technology platforms; cultivate 20 digital human application benchmarking projects; Targets such as 2 or more characteristic digital human parks and bases. (IT House)

Other news:

Beijing's Haidian District People's Court uses blockchain to secure electronic door seals: Chinese courts have recently begun testing the use of blockchain technology for electronic seals. Last Friday, Beijing's Haidian District People's Court became the first to trial a blockchain electronic seal.

Electronic seals will replace traditional paper seals as courts seek to enhance security. Once broken, the seal automatically turns on the surveillance cameras and begins sending alert notifications to the owner and law enforcement. The cameras also send live footage to the relevant authorities. (Global Times) [2020/7/8]

News | Dashi Intelligent and Beijing Taiyi Cloud jointly build the "blockchain + intelligent IoT" ecological chain: According to the news from the Financial Association, Dashi Intelligent (002421.SZ) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Taiyi Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. It is proposed to jointly build an open and win-win "blockchain + intelligent IoT" ecological chain. [2019/10/29]

Director of the Finance Department of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University: Blockchain is currently overheated and may decline in the future: Jinse Finance broadcast live at the 2018 "China's Blockchain First Debate" and Industry Leaders Summit, about 2018 for the blockchain industry. On the issue of good or bad, Liu Xiaolei, director of the Department of Finance, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, professor of the Department of Finance and Accounting, said that innovation will lead to the emergence of bubbles, which has been verified in history, just like the Internet, it was also in the early days of the Internet. There are bubbles, and we need to be alert to the bubbles brought by the blockchain. Currently, the blockchain is a bit overheated, so this year may not be too good for the blockchain. It may fall back, but the advantage of overheating is that the blockchain will draw more people's attention. [2018/3/28]

Quantum Economics founder Mati Greenspan serves as WUBITS Senior Advisor

According to news on August 12.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:20:20 PM
StarkNet launches recursive proof supported by Cairo general computing.

On August 11th.

Block Chain:8/11/2022 12:18:59 PM
Cai Hengjin, professor of Wuhan University: Blockchain technology can provide time order for the Metaverse

Jinse Finance reported that Cai Hengjin.

Block Chain:8/12/2022 12:21:26 PM
Data: 2/3 of the addresses on Arbitrum and Optimism are also used on the Ethereum mainnet

According to the news on August 16.

Block Chain:8/16/2022 12:28:03 PM
The 12th Beijing International Film Festival opening red carpet series digital collection will be online

Jinse Finance reported that the 12th B.

Block Chain:8/14/2022 12:23:53 PM
Aston Martin F1 Team's Official Online Store Adds Crypto Payment Option

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Block Chain:8/11/2022 12:18:47 PM
ZomPot, a multi-asset investment project, will distribute approximately 175 million ZPOT to the public

Jinse Finance reported that the multi-asset in.

Block Chain:8/13/2022 12:22:42 PM
Coinbase's share price has nearly doubled since the end of June, offsetting investor concerns about its market share loss

[Coinbase's stock price has nearly doubled since the end of June.

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Cryptocurrency payment app Strike launches a new Visa card that will provide spending rewards

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The floor price of Tiffany NFT "NFTiff" hit 60ETH, a 100% increase from the issue price

Jinjin Finance News, according to data.

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